Algonquin Bigfoot

Algonquin Bigfoot
Bigfoot Video take at Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario, Canada
Bigfoot Sightings
The Algonquin Bigfoot footage that surfaced from 2010 was taken by a camera attached
to a pick-up truck. Edward C M. was making his way for a canoe trip at Algonquin Park
when the stationary video camera captured something eerie in the footage - a mammoth,
woolly Bigfoot-like creature standing in the shadows beside the gravel road. Of course,
the video surfacing has brought forth the skeptics who say it was staged. Why?
Questions About Algonquin Bigfoot
Some obvious questions arose after
viewing the Bigfoot clip, such as:

  • Why was there a video cam on the
    truck, recording the countryside in
    the first place?

  • Why would a Bigfoot stand in open
    sight and not duck down? (He
    reminds us of the psychotic killer,
    Jason, from the movie, Halloween,
    waiting for a victim. Yipes!)
The video was originally posted on YouTube by from an hour long
clip and permission from the video's owner. The GoPro camcorder used for the footage
was attached to the truck bumper. The following screenshots were taken from the
YouTube clip (at the bottom of the page):
Algonquin Bigfoot
Algonquin Bigfoot close-up picture.

Pan from the truck video camera
shows an ominous figure standing in
the brush. Is it a Bigfoot?

Video of the Algonquin Bigfoot in real
time and slowed for viewing
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