Big Foot

We've been studying and documenting the same Big foot since 1956.  Uh-huh.
Our Big foot
Big foot, or more specifically a Big foot family has lived
in our area for decades; perhaps hundreds of years.  My
father began tracking and observing big foot in the
1950's, and I have continued my father's research of this
magnificent big foot family.  Now, my sons also have
followed in our footsteps, and have been recording our
own personal big foot sightings and activity in notes,
videos and pictures.  We believe we possess the best big
foot documentation known to exist.  Now is the time to
make it publicly known what we have been so honored
to experience in secret - our Big foot.
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Found in North
Many believe that a man-like creature that is reclusive, as well as elusive inhabits the few remote areas left in the world.  In
the United States the creature is known as Bigfoot.  In regions of the U.S. Bigfoot is called Sasquatch, Skunk Ape, Omaha
Bushman, Yeren, Mountain Devil, Grassman, Big Foot, etc.  In Europe, the Bigfoot is called Kaptar, Grendel, Brenin Ilwyd,
etc.  In Africa, the Bigfoot is known as Ngoloko and Kikomba.  Asia calls the creatures Yeti, Gin-sung, Nguoi Rung and
Mecheny.  Are these giant human-like ape creatures across all cultures the same as the North American Bigfoot?  Could they
also be what was thought to be an extinct, primitive ape?  Is it possible that all species of animal have been discovered by
scientists?  Absolutely not, as new species seem to be discovered weekly.  So why couldn’t Bigfoot be found one day, and
why couldn’t all these various names for a similar creature be one and the same?  Many Bigfoot researchers believe they are
the same animal, and have claimed to come into contact with the Bigfoot.  That is what fuels their desire to locate and prove
that Bigfoot creatures do in fact exist.  The research into Bigfoot plods ahead in order to prove to the world that giant apes
still wander the globe.

More about Big foot.  Big foot is typically a very tall, large, hairy creature seen throughout the world.   In the Himalayas of
Asia, natives call their Big foot, “Yeti.”  North American natives refer to Bigfoot as “Tak-he,” or “Sasquatch,” (hairy giant).  
Many estimate Big foot size  to be between 600 to 900 pounds, with the creature standing from seven to nine feet tall, though
smaller sizes have been encountered (this could be to maturity range of the Bigfoot, as well.  A younger Bigfoot would
certainly be smaller than an adult specimen).  All of this is based upon video, photographic and physical evidence of Bigfoot.  
Some Big foot experts even believe that 4000-6000 Bigfoot roam the forests of North America.  Could that be possible?  
Maybe, but we will let you decide.  

Big foot is primarily described as being shy and docile.  They have been seen being as interested in observing humans, as
humans are in observing Bigfoot.  Many believe Big foot are vegetarian in nature.  That makes many of us breathe easier.  It
has been reported that the animals eat wild plants, flowers, roots, nuts, berries, onions, acorns, pine cones, fish, insects, and
various birds.  However, there have been some reports of Bigfoot working together to kill young deer for consumption, as
well.  Big foot experts don’t all agree with respect to this claim.

The existence of such a creature as Big foot was first reported to settlers by a white man in Jasper, Alberta, Canada in 1811.  
Since that time, Bigfoot hoaxes have been occurring and newspapers have been reporting both real and hoax sightings for
over a hundred years.  So are the gentle giants of the wilderness dangerous to man?  Though shy, some Bigfoot do seem to
have the capability to become aggressive if threatened.  For example, there was a Big foot attack reported in 1924 in
Washington State.  Miners and prospectors claimed Bigfoot-type monsters threw stones at their cabins and they found big
footprints left as evidence of their presence.  Another story of trappers in the 1850’s tracking and encountering a Bigfoot, led
to their campsite being ransacked after shooting at the animal “with a foul odor.”  The men felt they were being watched by
the Big foot after they left the site.  One of the men was found dead after they separated to continue their trapping duties.  
Even the Yeti in the Himalayas has brought fear to people due to reports of a vicious attack on a young girl and Yaks.  The
natives ruled out a bear attack due to the footprints left behind.  Are Bigfoot attacks true or was it confused with possibly
another animal defending itself, such as a bear?  

The Big foot craze of the 1800’s and early 1900’s was to subside until the 1950’s.  In 1958, plaster footprint casts of Bigfoot
emerged from Jerry Crew of Humboldt, California.  He claimed to have found the Bigfoot tracks while operating his bulldozer.  
This is how the name “Bigfoot” was coined, as newspapers around the United States picked up the story about the footprints
from a “big foot.”  But the Bigfoot craziness was to get even bigger the following decade.  Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin
claimed to have filmed the first video ever of Bigfoot.  The 1967 Bigfoot evidence contained only seconds of what many
believe to be a female, hairy, man-like animal fleeing the men while turning to look at them.  This is the most famous of
Bigfoot videos, and is the benchmark by which all others would be compared.  Many have tried to debunk it as a fraud, but it
still stands today as the best evidence of a Bigfoot.  Couple that with hair samples, footprint casts and a slew of eye
witnesses, and the legend of Bigfoot is alive and well today.  

Today many search for the elusive Bigfoot in order to prove their existence to the world by trying to capture video and audio
proof. Could the Big foot contain some special, yet unknown ability that helps it disappear from its pursuers?  Some believe it
so.  Others intend to shot and kill a Bigfoot if found.  Probably the only way scientists will agree that Bigfoot exists is with a live
capture of the animal.  Not even the best evidence such as the many footprints that have been found with dermal ridges, nor
hair samples have proven anything to the skeptics.  The dermal ridges of the best Bigfoot footprint casts contain a
pattern not seen in any other creature.  Even some skeptical Bigfoot researchers discount the unusual ridges as proof due to
the possibility of the pressure of the foot pushing downward creates the ridges while forcing the mud underneath to ooze out.

Big foot footprints are quite large and average about sixteen inches in length and seven inches in width.  That would make
quite an impression on anyone!  For comparison, a Bigfoot footprint is larger than the average human foot by six or more
inches in length, and doubles the human print in width.  This makes the Big foot pod bigger than both the Alaskan Brown and
Grizzly bears’ hind paws!

There has been no proof to date of a Big foot carcass or live capture having occurred.  There have been claims of a Bigfoot
body, as well as some good hoaxes of such, but still no DNA proof has been demonstrated.  

Some enthusiasts believe that Big foot has some sort of psychic abilities, such as mental communication, invisibility cloaking,
and even extraterrestrial ties.  This begs the question: Are Big foot the same as aliens?  Most people believe that Bigfoot are
either undiscovered creatures in the forests, or an elaborate hoax perpetrated by many.  Many claims to Big foot evidence
has been proven false, while other evidences still stand today as credible.  Some of the best evidence would be multiple eye
witness accounts from multiple persons, including law enforcement officers.

Interestingly, there are numerous Big foot sightings every year.  Most descriptions are very similar, but some do vary a bit.  
This could be to the sheer fear many experience during a Bigfoot encounter.  So what could this giant wandering in the North
American woods actually be?  Some researchers are putting forth the argument that a once-thought extinct prehistoric
primate might not be so extinct.  The scientific name for this giant ape is
Gigantopithecus Blacki.  This ape lived in regions of
Asia over 300,000 years ago we are told.  Could it have crossed the Bering Straight into North America during the Ice Age?  
Some believe so.  Unfortunately, there has not been a whole lot of bones found for
Giganto – only teeth and jawbones.

We invite you to review the evidence on the Our Bigfoot site and allow your mind to wander.  Some of it is for fun, while other
information is purportedly real.  All evidence is considered, placed before you for your own Bigfoot encounter.

Big foot!   Begin your own Big foot Expedition...
by examining the following Big foot Captures!
The Harley Hoffman Big foot video.

Harley claims he has "the best footage of Bigfoot
since the Patterson film."  It created some uproar
in the cryptozoology community when it was first
released. Harley has not spoken publicly about it
since 2001.

Big foot compilation with comments from Jane
Goodall.  Nine minute video with comment from
Jane explaining that she is sure that Bigfoot
exists.  She has spoken to Native Americans, as
well as studied eye-witness accounts from around
the world.  She believes Bigfoot is a new species
with DNA that will not match up with other animals.

This video shows much of the famous and not so
famous Bigfoot footage that has been studied to
date.  Some of them are shown with motion tracks.

Big foot photos, pictures and Bigfoot sounds.  

The sounds were recorded by the Ohio Bigfoot
encounters.  Many of these Bigfoot images are
well known, while some are unique.
Martin Sargent, Web Drifter,
looks at Our Bigfoot and other
Big foot information on his
quest for the truth regarding the
legend of Bigfoot in the North
American forests.  Did he
receive the answers from a
wise, older fella' at the
Museum in Willow Creek,

Watch this Big foot feature and
find out!
Big foot
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It is for fun, and fictional at best.  
Hope you enjoyed your visit!
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