Bigfoot Attacks

Bigfoot Attacks...really?

Is there any reason to fear bigfoot attacks?  No, not from our experience.  Bigfoot creatures are
highly intelligent beings which can display loving affection amongst bigfoot family members.  Any
bigfoot behaviors resembling attacks are most likely from fear of harm.  We have experienced the
bigfoot’s protectiveness of family members, especially young.  So, it would come as no surprise if a
bigfoot defended its territory through attacks to actually protect the bigfoot family.  Humans present
the only real threat to bigfoot, so why wouldn't they retreat from human presence?  Pack migration
coupled with partial nocturnal instincts aid bigfoot in maintaining their incredible elusiveness.

Have there been bigfoot attacks?  Well, since an account of the only human killed by a bigfoot in
1890, there have been no reports of humans being injured or dying from bigfoot attacks.  There
have been reports of bigfoot attacks and abductions, however.  Bigfoot creatures are docile animals
which instinctively shy away from human presence.  Thus, bigfoot remains very elusive, preferring
to observe humans, rather than engage them.  Bright lights or spot lights apparently frighten bigfoot
animals better than anything else, should one be attacked by a bigfoot.

When bigfoot attacks have been reported, they usually center around a night time attack of
pounding on cabin walls, rock throwing and screams.  Tree limbs are also often heard snapping.  
This type of behavior seems to be a way of scaring human presence away.  Interestingly enough,
bigfoot creatures seem to not want to attack humans, but are known to feed on rodents, deer, birds,
fish and other animals.  They have even been reported to easily kill dogs that pursue them,
sometimes brutally ripping them apart.  Most dogs will experience extreme fear in the presence of a
bigfoot and will not pursue it.  There have also been reports of bigfoot attacks on livestock.  Most
animals seem to instinctively fear bigfoot.
bigfoot attacks
bigfoot attacks
Most people who visit wilderness in
North America never experience
attacks by a Bigfoot.  Bigfoot remain
in the shadows and quickly move
away from humans if possible.

However, there are stories of Bigfoot

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