Bigfoot Body Found!

A Bigfoot body has been found by two men in northern Georgia!  UPDATE BELOW!

Searching For Bigfoot, led by Tom Biscardi, is holding a press conference Friday August 15th, 2008
to reveal the biggest discovery of the modern era: A Bigfoot body!  Photos and DNA evidence will be
released at the closed-to-press only session.
bigfoot body found!
Left: Photograph released of the Bigfoot's head!

Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer, are the two Bigfoot Trackers of
Georgia who discovered the body and lead Bigfoot tracking
expeditions.  They invited Biscardi to Georgia to view the body
and collect evidence for DNA testing.  The body of Bigfoot was
found in a northern Georgia forest where the men say they know
a family of Bigfoot live.  Robert Barrows, who is publicizing the
news conference, says, "I think you'll find that this is the real
Bigfoot Body Found!
Matthew Whitton is a police officer in Clayton County, Georgia, while Rick Dyer is a former
correctional officer, which seems to give the men some credibility.  They will not say just where
exactly the body was found or where it is hidden currently.  The Bigfoot body is well taken care of
though, as the men plan on selling it for lots of money.

Biscardi, radio host and a tireless Bigfoot searcher visited Georgia to view the find of the Bigfoot
body, and has stated that DNA tests are underway, along with a team of scientists who are studying
the body.  If anyone knows what Bigfoot is, it is Biscardi.  Many believe he would be quick to point out
a fraud, yet, some Bigfoot researchers (such as the BFRO) believe the Bigfoot body discovery is a
hoax.  We'll see this Friday.

Press Release for the Bigfoot Body:  Bigfoot Body Press Release

Bigfoot Body Photos and Information Credits: Searching For Bigfoot
Bigfoot Body Picture!
Right: Bigfoot Body Picture

Bigger image of the unthawed Bigfoot body
found in Northern Georgia.  The photo
appears on Tom Biscardi's
Searching for
website, but servers have been
swamped due to high interest in the story!  
The men who found the body of the Bigfoot
creature are keeping it under ice, so to
speak, as scientists study the animal.

Soon, Tom Biscardi and the two men who
found the body and know where the Bigfoot
live, all plan on launching an expedition
together in order to capture a live Bigfoot.

The Bigfoot Body press conference was
held August 15th, 2008 in Palo Alto,
California.  Matt Whitton and Rick Dyer say
they moved the body out of the woods with
a truck after they accidentally found it.
The men also stated they were watched by two other Bigfoot walking parallel to them, as they worked
to move the 550 pound body of Bigfoot out of the north Georgia woods.  They believe the body was
about two days old when they found it and placed the Bigfoot body in a freezer filled with water to
prevent it from further deteriorating (they didn't know not to put water in the freezer, but did anyway).
 Whitton and Dyer have kept the body of Bigfoot hidden, equating it to finding the largest diamond in
the world.  "We didn't know who we could trust.   Who would you call?" the men said during the press
interview.  After answering a slew of questions from reporters, the men then handed the podium over
to Tom Biscardi who staunchly defended the find as not a hoax, but very real.  Tom has the body in
his care currently, but showed two photographs, one being a facial image of the tongue and cheek,
proving it is not a costume mask; and a second photo that seemed to be a still from a video of a live
Bigfoot walking away from Whitton and Dyer.  The results of the DNA testing on the Bigfoot body was
also given to the press to review, along with the photographs of the Bigfoot body.

Below: News Conference of Bigfoot Body find:
The three men say
they are awaiting
an autopsy to be
done on the animal,
but will allow others
to visit the body,
which still remains
somewhere in
Georgia.  Reporters
left saying they saw
little proof of
Bigfoot, and are still
waiting to see the
video, body, and
essentially more
"proof."  Skeptics
argue the Bigfoot
body is nothing
more than a
costume, based
upon articles from
Bigfoot research
groups such as the
BFRO and Cryptomundo, who seem to not believe Tom Biscardi and the two men's claims.

Bigfoot Body DNA Results UPDATE:  DNA testing on the remains showed results of being part
opossum and part human, so the men claim the samples were contaminated.

Bigfoot Body Pictures Presented At News Conference:
Below are the two primary images shown to the press at Palo Alto.  The first photo is a close-up of
the Bigfoot body's mouth area, teeth and tongue.  The second photograph shows a live Bigfoot
walking away from the two Bigfoot trackers.
Currently Dyer and Whitton seem to be getting
cooked like two hot dogs on a Char-Broil grill by the
news media after what the press is concluding is a
hoax.  Hopefully, all three will bring forth
indisputable evidence in the very near future to
clear their names.

Stay tuned for updates on the Bigfoot Body story.

Left: Bigfoot teeth like granny might wear and
"na-na-na-na-na" tongue.

Below: Is this a living Bigfoot watching and then
walking away from Dyer and Whitton?
The goofy excitement over the supposed
finding of the Bigfoot body, which created a
media frenzy at the press conference in Palo
Alto, crashed and burned for good as famed
Squatch Detective, Steve Kulls, determined
it the body to be a rubber Bigfoot costume.

Searching For Bigfoot owner Tom Biscardi
supposedly paid  a large sum ($50K??) to
the two Georgia clowns Matthew Whitton
and Rick Dyer for the frozen Bigfoot body
and the rights to announcing the find at the
press conference.

Biscardi sent Kulls to the Bigfoot body's
secret location, possibly Muncie, Indiana, to
examine the corpse.    Apparently, the
tongue, eyes, guts and even the genitalia
were real animal tissue cleverly placed within
and upon the Bigfoot fake body!

At left is a news report showing the thawed
Bigfoot corpse.  Whitton, the police officer
turned hoaxer, apparently will lose his job
over the stunt.  His boss, Clayton County
Police Chief Turner said he had not spoken
to Whitton, but will fire him.  "Once he
perpetrated a fraud, that goes into his
credibility and integrity.  He has violated the
duty of a police officer," Chief Turner stated.

Whitton and Dyer both have disappeared
and are hiding since the hoax was proven.
A voice mail recording for Whitton and
Dyer's Bigfoot Tip Line declares they search
for leprechauns, the Loch Ness Monster, big
cats and dinosaurs.  

Does anybody check these people out first
we wonder?

Left: Update!

Hear the interview with the Georgia men and
their story about how the Bigfoot body was
created and why...
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