Bigfoot Communication

Bigfoot Communication
Bigfoot Communication, meaning how bigfoot communicate, is an interesting topic.  Bigfoot
researchers have many theories regarding the communication of bigfoot creatures.  Bigfoot
communication is really not hard to understand, as we will try and explain.

At Our Bigfoot, we know bigfoot communicate more efficiently than humans, as all animals do.  Have
you ever wondered how animals work together?  How do they know to do this and that?  Many
animals communicate with the mind - what some would call telepathic abilities.  Many believe
animals are not as smart as humans, because they cannot speak.  Yet, if one observes the animal
kingdom, it will become very obvious that animals work together and communicate with one
another.  We have just not scored their intelligence correctly, as we have based it upon human
communication and our limited knowledge.  For humans, language makes verbal communication
difficult, as all of us have different interpretations of what words mean.  Bigfoot mental telepathy,
meaning to communicate with the mind alone, is very powerful as images can be shown from one
bigfoot to another, seemingly instantly.  Yet, bigfoot are not limited to this type of communication

Bigfoot also communicate through inaudible and audible sounds.  Inaudible bigfoot communication
is through lower frequency ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum called infra sound
communication.  This type of communication is audible to bigfoot, but not to humans.  For bigfoot, it
is a lower, bass-like grunt, which can be detected by infrasonic microphones with a pre-amp and
tape (or digital) recorder.  These bigfoot communications have been recorded, but need to be sped
up three times to become audible to the human ear.  Again, these are low frequency grunts, that
are not dissimilar to recently discovered African elephant communication.

Audible bigfoot communication has been readily recorded as various screams and howls.  Often
times, there will be more than one howl in the forest, as bigfoot typically commune and migrate in
groups from three to eight.  Screams are used as danger warnings to other bigfoot, and also as a
way to ward off potential predators.  Growls are also used by the bigfoot as warnings, but also as a
way to communicate displeasure.  Bigfoot can also make a non-threatening cry that is heard during
mating rituals, plus a howl that is vocalized during the hunting of prey.  Finally, bigfoot have been
recorded using sticks to communicate with humans through “tree knocking.”  This is done by
rapping on a tree with a big stick as a way of acknowledgement.

Bigfoot Talk
Can the intelligent bigfoot communicate through human speech?  Some researchers say, “Yes,”
though we have not experienced it, yet.   Reports exist, however, of bigfoot communicating with
Native Americans and other indigenous peoples, even trading goods from one tribe to another.  
Some have insisted they have learned a few audible words to make trade possible.  

Still others have reported bigfoot communication between the creature and humans to be as easy
as whispering.  They allege that bigfoot is highly intelligent and understands human language as
soft as a whisper in the forest (as well as being able to perceive our thoughts).  These people also
teach bigfoot to exist between earth and the fourth dimension (the unseen realm).  Again, we at Our
Bigfoot have not experienced these concepts firsthand, or any of the purported hypnosis abilities
some claim bigfoot possess.

Bigfoot Infra-sound Communication?
We recently received this e-mail: "I recently read an article on how elephants can communicate over
long distances via foot communications.  Their large feet are used to send and receive messages
through the earth."  Now it has been proven that elephants can hear low frequency (inaudible to
humans) sounds, thus their ears are big receptors.  Their messages are those of communication
that can be heard up to two miles away by other elephants.  Could Bigfoot creatures being doing
something similar?  Is Bigfoot communication possibly occurring through infra-sound, inaudible
noises below the human range of hearing?  Could Bigfoot use their larger feet to send low-
frequency thuds of warning and more?  Just one man's possibly good theory...
bigfoot commmunication
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