Bigfoot Costume Contest: Prank, Fool, Trick!
Bigfoot Prank – Finding a Winner to Fool, Trick People with a Great Prank

We've teamed up with and Found a winner!
We found someone who can create a great Bigfoot prank. Our winner is receiving an adult
Bigfoot costume from to pull it off.
Fake Bigfoot Film Contest!
Bigfoot Costume Prank - Trick Fool Others?!
Recently, we announced giving away a Bigfoot costume to
the person who submitted the best Bigfoot prank idea that
they would use to fool and trick people into thinking they
saw a real woolly-bugger. We weren't sure how many
takers we would have, but the results are in: Plenty of
people are willing to fool friends, family, co-workers,
tourists and even neighbors!

What this contest showed us is that people who have
reported seeing Bigfoot in the past could easily have
been pranked. There is such a natural penchant to fool,
trick, or prank others, that it's obvious that many Bigfoot
sightings could simply be well-thought-out plans for
someone to get a good laugh.

So, which future Bigfoot prankster won? First read some
of the fantastic prank submissions we received, and you'll
find the winning entry at the bottom of the page.
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Brian's Bigfoot Prank
Ok, here is my plan on how I'm going to trick my mom into thinking she saw a Bigfoot. Behind my
house, we have about a mile of woods. For the last month, or so, my friends and I have been telling
my mom that we were seeing something strange in the woods. At first she wasn't buying it until she
was watching the local news one day and saw a story on how there have been several Bigfoot
sightings in our very county. So now she's almost convinced there's a Bigfoot or something in our
area and won't even let the dogs out at night! So what I'm going to do if I win the Bigfoot costume is
wait until one nice day she sits on our swing in the back yard and come darting out of the woods
shouting and stomping. She will freak out; and everyone who knows my mom has heard her famous
blood-curdling scream. And I promise if I win the suit, I will video tape the entire thing and send you
guys a copy. - Brian, Missouri

Fire Chief's Bigfoot Plan
Hello fellow Bigfoot fans! Well, here's the plan if I only had a Bigfoot Costume. I work as a Fire Chief
at an industrial airport that's located 18 miles from the nearest city. Our location is prime Bigfoot
country! We are set in the middle of a valley that is over half encircled by mountain ranges, thick
wooded areas, and a river that lies right at the foot of the mountains. The airport is also rich in
history. In the early 30's, it was an army base that also kept German prisoners during the war. The
guys at the station have reported and witnessed many paranormal activities over the years which
include Bigfoot sightings. My department consists of 10 guys total. They work a 24 hour shift then
have 48 hours off. I have three on duty at a time. During the shift, we are responsible for
responding to aircraft emergencies and fire fighting operations that include Emergency Medical
Response and Airport Security. Now here's where the fun starts. My guys start conducting security
patrol during the evening that continues until 5:30 AM. They patrol one person at a time, and that
time is broken up into 4 hour patrol shifts. During the patrol, we cover an area that spans 5 to 8
miles around the airport and within it. I want to stress that when my guys go out on patrol, they don't
linger around much. It's pretty scary since we're located in the middle of woods that meet the foot
hills of the mountain ranges. Many times they report seeing bobcats, mountain loins, wild pigs and
sometimes things they just can't explain. To make the patrol even more intense, we have an old
Indian cemetery on the airport, too, that we patrol through. My goal would be to run out in front of
the patrol car, "in Bigfoot costume," while they were making their patrol rounds in an area where
they have to place the car in reverse and maneuver through the wooded area to get the vehicle
turned around in order to exit that area. This prank would be captured on video with our dash cam
that's inside our patrol vehicle. At this point, a certain patrol officer I have in mind and who doesn't
believe in Bigfoot would become an instant believer! And, me and the guys at the fire station would
have a laugh that would be enjoyed for years to come! Hope you guys can help us out. Being fire
fighters, we love a good joke and definitely a great prank! - Denny, Oklahoma

Plains Bigfoot
I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to try and win a Bigfoot costume. I have always been
interested in Bigfoot, and I am a believer. My son Thomas, however, is not a believer, telling me it’s
like believing in Santa Claus, teasingly arguing with me about the existence of Bigfoot anytime the
subject is mentioned. “Mom,” he says, “just don’t tell anyone you believe in Bigfoot; people may
think you’re crazy.” Recently my son was in a very bad car accident, leaving him with a metal rod
throughout his leg and a broken sternum. He is staying with me right now since my house is a one
story and it’s much easier for him to get around here. Of course he’s bored so this would be the
perfect situation for me to get my other son Paul to put on the costume at dusk and trudge across
the backyard that is surrounded by trees and pasture. Nobody will tell him anything about the
costume. It would be so great. Also, I live in the flat plains of Kansas - no Bigfoots here; so it would
be a real kick to set up several surprise Bigfoot appearances along some of these country roads. It
would be so hilarious, I would just love it. And of course it would be on YouTube.  - Valerie, Kansas

Multi-State Bigfoot Sightings?
Hi, if I had a Bigfoot costume, I would prank my family. You see, they live in Maine and we go up
there each summer. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to fool my family. Also I can use it
on my friends, too, because we live in Michigan. So as you can see I'd use it all the time.  
- Josh, Michigan
WINNER! Bigfoot Prank Experiment
I am so happy to see this contest.

I am involved quite a bit on a forum about "the paranormal,"
and Bigfoot is one of my favorites. (I am a skeptic.) I have
used trail cameras for the last 5 years in parts of Southern
Oregon to attempt to silent some people about their existence.
I live on the Oregon Coast (Southern), and I have wanted for
years to have a Bigfoot suit. I am very close to Highway 101
(500 yards down my easement ), and I have had dreams of
using a costume in different ways as the "tourists" and some
locals drive north and south. I have numerous spots and
campgrounds I would like to use also, Cape Blanco for one. So
Bigfoot Costume Prank  - Contest Winner!
in short, I would use the costume and video tape different scenarios around Southern Oregon,
camp grounds, Highway 101, and also the Redwoods in California, and with trail cameras. I would
use this footage more as an " experiment " to show how easily people can be fooled.

I hope this is enough to convince you I would use this costume more than once, and would use it
where it would be seen by many.
 - Robert, Oregon

Congratulations, Robert! We cannot wait to receive and promote your Bigfoot videos of pranks and
tricks that demonstrate how easily people can be fooled. BFRO and Cryptomundo, be prepared.
Oregon is about to become alive with quite a few Bigfoot reports!

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