Bigfoot Creatures!

Bigfoot Creatures: Related?
Who is Stomping in the Woods?

By Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager/Ghostwriter

What are these hairy bi-pedal creatures like the Bigfoot of Northern California, Sasquatch of Canada, Yeti of
Nepal/Tibet, Yeren of Mainland China, Orang Pendek of Indonesia and the Yowie of Australia doing stomping
around in the forests of our worlds? How come we can’t ever catch one?

As a paranormal investigator/part-time cryptozoologist, I have set up two Bigfoot Scouting Missions during my
lifetime. One in Mount Shasta and the other one in Covelo. Sightings of Bigfoot have been seen in both locations.
People who have encountered Bigfoot say that the creature smells foul.

The very first Bigfoot story I ever heard, was when I lived in San Bruno. Next to San Bruno is Daly City. At the Daly City
Chinese Cemetery, graves have been robbed, because the Chinese will place money and jewelry into the graves of
their loved ones. There are stories of orbs that will hover over certain graves. These stories are mere tidbits to the
one story that has been told all over the bay area. The story goes that a couple drove into the cemetery to make out.
The boyfriend saw a glowing blue light and went to investigate. His girlfriend claimed that the blue light was actually
a UFO and her boyfriend was abducted on the spot. In a frantic, she drove out of the cemetery and a large hairy bi-
pedal creature jumped from the overhead gate onto the hood of her car. She later testified it was a Bigfoot. This is
supposed to have happened in the early 60s. My question is what was a Bigfoot doing in a populated city like Daly
City? What makes the story somewhat interesting is that the Bigfoot is associated with a UFO. Some witnesses
claim to have seen the occupants of UFOs working alongside Bigfoot type of creatures.

If this is true, then this would make Bigfoot a paranormal creature. Perhaps this is why we can’t capture a Bigfoot.
Perhaps Bigfoot is an inter-dimensional creature that is able to walk into our reality and build a Bigfoot nest, rest up
a little bit and go back into it’s other dimensional realm. How can a creature so large and probably very hungry exist
in our world without us ever capturing one, unless it is inter-dimensional?

During our investigations on
Mount Shasta and Covelo, we heard that the indigenous people of these areas have
all claimed to have seen wild men in their woods. But, what is also interesting is that UFOs are seen all around
Mount Shasta and Covelo. Some Ufologists feel that there is a UFO underground base within the confines of this
majestic peak.

One of the main things we try to do to communicate with Bigfoot is hitting wood-upon-wood, in a series of loud
knocks. If we hit wood upon wood 3 times, we would expect 3 knocks coming out of the woods. This would indicate
an intelligent response back. Wood-on-wood communication is a way the Bigfoot is known to communicate. There
was only one time in Covelo, I hit the tree 3 times with a solid piece of wood and received one knock back. This was
inconclusive. I hit the tree 3 more times with my solid piece of wood and the response I got back was 3 rocks hitting
the water of the creek 3 times. Bigfoot are also known to throw rocks, so I found that quite interesting, because the
three rocks hit the water right after I hit the tree three times. In Mount Shasta we thought we heard a loud screeching
sound from the woods, using a Listen Up sound enhancer. We did not find any footprints, so the Plaster of Paris
that I bought went to waste.

Some scientists feel that if the Bigfoot or the Yeren of Mainland China actually exists, then it could be
Gigantopithecus that came from China. Gigantopithecus may have crossed over the Bering land bridge that once
existed and populated areas of Canada and the United States.

I actually believe that Bigfoot and all of his cousins do exist in this world. The creature must be of the paranormal
realm, because we would have captured him a long time ago. For a long time the mountain gorilla was elusive to
man and in 1902, man discovered that this great ape roamed the Congo. With as many people that populate this
Earth, I would believe that Bigfoot or Yeti would have been discovered by now.

Mark Sandoff with two of his friends were camping out in an area of Eureka in 1984. They had a nice campfire
burning and telling jokes. Then small pebbles were being thrown at them. The pebbles would hit their heads,
shoulders, back and chest area. They instantly thought they were the target of other campers that were being
mischievous and stood up to confront their attackers. But, what they saw surprised them. From the shadows of the
tree, with a dim light from the campfire lighting up the surrounding area, they saw a huge hairy creature. As they
looked into the face of the creature, it almost looked human. The creature was grimacing. The stare lasted for a few
minutes and finally the Bigfoot creature turned around and walked away. Mark and his friends put out the fire and
moved to another campsite. They immediately came to the conclusion that they were not welcomed in this area.

It appears that Bigfoot and his many cousins will always be amongst us. I, for one am glad we cannot capture a
Bigfoot, because if we could, we would analyze, dissect Bigfoot. We would cage him up for all to see. Yes, Bigfoot,
stay elusive. May you never be found.

Paul Dale Roberts, HPI General Manager, Cryptozoologist & Ghostwriter
Haunted and Paranormal Investigations International
WPRT Paranormal Radio - Content Editor

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