Bigfoot Diet
Many wonder what does bigfoot eat?  How can such a large primate survive
on vegetation?  Well, an elephant eats only vegetation, but not bigfoot.  Our
Bigfoot eats more than nuts and berries.  Here is what we have found about
the bigfoot diet:

There has been much debate as to the diet of Bigfoot creatures.  Many believe Bigfoot
to only consume vegetation, such as nuts and berries.  This is not true.  Bigfoots have
been reported (not by us, but we believe the reports to be credible) to prey on young
deer -- perhaps to fatten up for winter hibernation.  Again, we are not certain of their
winter hibernation, but it appears the increased number of our sightings in warmer
months would indicate the Bigfoot animals are much less active in winter.  And of course
tracks have been found in the snow; so maybe a partial hibernation is more accurate of
what takes place with Bigfoot creatures.  Winter hibernation (full or in part) would most
likely bring the need for increased protein in the Bigfoot diet; and that means meat
would have to be consumed.  This would seem to confirm the deer stores found by other
researchers, and the squirrel and other small animal remains we have found around
Bigfoot caves and shelters.  Many a time, we have also come across small streams
near Bigfoot camps that have had high numbers of fish and crustacean remains lying in
the shallows, as well.  It should also be mentioned that smaller, domesticated animals
such as dogs, cats and smaller farm animals such as chickens have also been reported
as having been eaten by Bigfoot creatures.

Bigfoots certainly eat nuts such as acorns and walnuts; fruits such as blackberries,
raspberries, mulberries, apples, plums, and grapes; and plants such as onions,
domestic corn, and various grasses.  This diet is readily available in Ohio, and is only an
example of vegetation we understand Bigfoot creatures to eat.  Sasquatches (or
Bigfoots) could possibly find other foods to consume in different regions throughout
North America, that we did not mention.  When looking at all the reports of Bigfoot diet,
no one to date has reported humans as being preyed upon by the Bigfoot creatures.
Left: Acorns found near a Bigfoot hut.  We
beleive that nuts and berries make up part
of the bigfoot diet.

Left: Various berries also make up the
Bigfoot diet.

Left: Remains of farmer's hog corn eaten
by Bigfoot creatures.  This pile of corn was
found off to the side of a Bigfoot trail
where footprints and Bigfoot feces
also were discovered.
Left: Bigfoot feces found near trail where
tracks were also found.  The dark
coloration and fiber within indicate a diet
primarily of vegetation.

Below: Old photo taken by my grandfather
in the 1960's of a suspected Bigfoot
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