Bigfoot Footprints

Below are some of the bigfoot footprints we have captured.

Most bigfoot footprints are recorded by pouring plaster into fresh bigfoot tracks.  
After the plaster hardens, the plaster bigfoot cast footprint is removed.  This way,
the bigfoot footprints can be examined and kept as record.

We went one "step" further with our footprints of bigfoot.  We produced negative
images of the plaster casts which show the bigfoot footprints better.  Also, we
created an artist's black and white image to more strongly identify shape and
bigfoot footprints
bigfoot footprints bigfoot footprint
This was my grandfather's first bigfoot
footprint captured in plaster from around
1962.  It was taken in Coshocton, Ohio
near a farm field after reports of deer
stashing (killings) had taken place.  It was
thought at the time, that satanic rituals
were the cause of the young deer deaths,
but my grandpa thought different.  The
deer carcasses had been gutted with the
intestines lying beside the bodies and the
livers removed.  This footprint was the only
evidence he found.
bigfoot footprint bigfoot footprints
This plaster bigfoot cast was taken in
September, 1977, after a set of tracks were
discovered in a second generation forest
near Atwood Lake.  Only three tracks were
extremely visible, and the length measured
just over 14.25 inches.  The depth was good,
so we took a plaster cast which shows
distinctive ridge lines on the outer edges.  
This find was actually by accident and a
bigfoot footprint
Various photos of bigfoot footprints found in the
forests of the Atwood Lake region near Zoar, Ohio.

Enhanced photo of four dermal ridge samples taken
from different plaster casts showing the skin
impressions from the foot of the bigfoot animal.  This
proves the tracks were not created, as it would be
difficult to fake unique dermal markings which differ
from humans or apes.
bigfoot footprints
bigfoot footprint
Bigfoot footprints have been found in singles and in
doubles.  It is often just hard to find perfect, cast-able
footprints at the same place, that show both left and
right feet.

Though we cannot explain it, sometimes bigfoot tracks
seem to disappear.  it is not unheard of to be following
a clear trail and then find it to end abruptly.  We do
not believe the bigfoot creatures have the ability to
vanish and re-appear, but wonder if they set fake
paths of tracks to throw off would be bigfoot hunters.
bigfoot footprints bigfoot footprints
bigfoot footprint
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