Bigfoot History

What is Bigfoot?  Bigfoot is a very tall, and very large hairy creature seen throughout the world.  In
the Himalayas of Asia, they call Bigfoots, “Yeti.”  
North American native legends refer to Bigfoot as
“Tak-he,” or “Sasquatch,” which means “hairy giant.”  Estimates in Bigfoot size  range between 600
to 900 pounds, with the creature standing from seven to nine feet tall.  Today, Bigfoot experts
estimate from between 4000-6000 Bigfoots roam the forests of North America.  Bigfoots are
reported to be primarily docile and vegetarian in nature.  But there have been reports of Bigfoot
working together to capture and kill young deer too consume their liver, which is high in protein.  
These “kill stashes” of sometimes several gutted deer are typically found by farmers in Midwestern
states rich in deer population, such as Ohio.

Bigfoot was first reported as seen by a white man in Jasper, Alberta, Canada in 1811.  Bigfoot
hoaxes were spawned since that time and newspapers from over a hundred years ago referenced
him as Sasquatch due to the Canadian sightings.  The first Bigfoot attack was reported in 1924 in
Washington State.  Miners and prospectors alike reported attacks of stones thrown at their cabins
and big footprints left as evidence of the Bigfoot.  The Bigfoot craze sort of subsided until the 1950’
s in California.

In 1958, plaster footprint casts of Bigfoot first emerged with Jerry Crew from Humboldt, California.  
He found the Bigfoot tracks while operating a bulldozer.  This is when the name “Bigfoot” was first
coined, as newspapers around the United States ran the story.  But the biggest Bigfoot craze began
when Roger Patterson and Bib Gimlin claimed to have the first video capture of Bigfoot ever.  The
1967 Bigfoot movie contained only seconds of what appeared to be a female, hairy creature,
walking away and turning to look at the
camera.  This is the most famous of Bigfoot videos, and is
known around the world.  Many have tried to de-bunk the film as a fraud, but it still stands today as
the best evidence of a Bigfoot creature in existence.  Since that time, there have been many Bigfoot
videos proven to be hoaxes.  The use of Bigfoot fake wooden feet, and gorilla suits have tricked
many. So if you want to find Bigfoot, then you will need the best
surveillance camera available.

Yet, still today many pursue the elusive creature, trying to capture evidence of his existence.  Some
aim to kill a Bigfoot if found, while others are desperately trying to collect video or photographic
Bigfoot evidence.  The best
evidence to date has been the many footprints that have been found
and examined with dermal ridge evidence.  The dermal ridges of true Bigfoot tracks contain a
pattern and direction of flow unlike any other creature – including man.  The finding of a carcass, or
even the live capture of a Bigfoot has never occurred.  Their apparent elusiveness has led some to
believe that Bigfoots have paranormal abilities, such as mental communication, invisibility cloaking,
or perhaps extraterrestrial ties.  

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