Honey Island Swamp Monster

Bigfoot: Honey Island Swamp Monster
The story behind Louisiana's Bigfoot - the Swamp Monster of Honey Island!

Honey Island Swamp Monster - Is it Bigfoot?
Located somewhere in bayous of Louisiana, Honey Island Swamp is said to be home to a
very elusive Bigfoot. (What Bigfoot isn't?) Called by locals as the "swamp monster," this
Bigfoot of lore dates back to its first reported sighting in 1974.
Bigfoot: Honey Island Swamp Monster
The Honey Island
Swamp Monster
described as hairy,
part-man, part-ape. The
only difference between
Bigfoot and this creature
are footprints that appear
oddly shaped. Some
believe that the unique foot
of the swamp monster is
for climbing. Others say it
Honey Island Swamp Monster
resembles that of an alligator!

People who live near the swamp area still report seeing and hearing this southern Bigfoot.
There have been at least 13 people who claim to have had encounters with the
Island Bigfoot.
Its bipedal tracks are still found by locals, too.
Honey Island Swamp Monster - Bigfoot
As the story goes, two air traffic controllers, Ray
Mills and Harlan Ford, were the first to report the
monster, having discovered its footprints near a
dead wild boar. They also saw the Bigfoot creature
face to face, describing the swamp Sasquatch as

"...a man-like animal covered with a coat of dingy,
gray hair."

The swamp monster was said to be over 7 foot in
height, weighing in close to 500 pounds. It had yellow eyes and an awful stench. Ford
would capture video of the swamp-loving Bigfoot -- the footage still exists today.
Above left: Plaster cast of the swamp monster's odd-shaped foot. Is it a gator track?

The Bigfoot is seen walking through the trees around 3:20 in the following video
about the Honey Island Swamp Monster:
The next two videos are
also about the Honey
Island Swamp Monster.

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Bigfoot and the stories
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