Bigfoot & Missionaries

Two Mormon missionaries got the scare of their lives from the thought of a Bigfoot trekking around
their British Columbia home amid the wolves and coyotes that also reside in the region.  
Bigfoot Missionaries?
The two Latter Day Saints discovered Woolly Bugger prints outside of
their home on Burns Lake on December 2nd, 2008.  The missionaries
are working the communities around two lakes, Burns and Smithers, in
order to gain converts to their religion.  Little did they know they would
be the ones converted into Bigfoot believers.  

The Bigfoot footprints were reportedly 20 inches long and found near
the front porch of the remote home.  Apparently, there have been a few
other sightings near the area with a 16" plaster cast of a Sasquatch
footprint being cast by a Bigfoot hunter from Terrace, BC.  It would seem
that the Bigfoot evidence discovery has put the two religious men in an awkward state, as neither
men believed in Bigfoot, and do not know of anyone who would try and play a trick on them at their
remote residence.  Perhaps both Latter Day Saints should consider being Bigfoot Missionaries,
too!  But to choose to do so, would leave them in an unusual missionary position...    

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