Bigfoot & Mormons?

You are going to be amazed at this report.  Could Cain and his descendents be running around the
forests of the United States or the Himalayas in Asia?   

The Journal of Mormon History published an investigation into stories suggesting that the Bigfoot
creatures are actually Cain from the bible, who murdered Adam and Eve's other son, Abel.  The
article was written by Matthew Bowman who cited a manuscript dating back to 1919.  The
manuscript tells of a missionary being attacked by a "huge hairy creature" whom the missionary
drove off in the name of Christ!  This event brought up a discussion at the time between
missionaries concerning another story from famed Mormon missionary, David W. Patten, who had
also encountered a Bigfoot in Tennessee.  Patten described the Bigfoot as having no clothes, hairy
and dark.  Patten further explained in his story from 1835, that the Bigfoot wanders the Earth, has
no home, is very miserable, unable to die, and seeks the souls of lost men. In Patten's story, he
says he rebuked the beast in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and told him to leave.  So, the
Bigfoot departed.  Uh-huh.

The article about these two past events by author Bowman, seems to tie some folklore together into
a neat little package for the Mormon church to discuss and sort of wrap together.  You see, the
other piece to this puzzle is that Mormon doctrine has taught that God punished Cain's ancestors
and as part of their punishment the "mark of Cain" or "black skin" was given to them.  These racists
teachings could be rectified, albeit crazily, if the Mormon church changes their teachings to say that
the "black skin" is really the dark, Bigfoot creature's hairy hide.  Upon hearing this, apparently
Museum of Hoaxes
suggested jokingly, "If Bigfoot is Cain, maybe Nessie is really the snake from the
Garden of Eden."

How should Mormon President Thomas S. Monson take-on such teachings from Mormon history?  

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