Bigfoot Museum

Yay!  Another Bigfoot Museum opens to the public!

Silverton, Colorado has had its share of Bigfoot sightings and so it seems appropriate that a Bigfoot
museum should open there this month.
Bigfoot Museum
The Legend of Bigfoot Museum and Gallery opened Friday, May 1st,
2009 and was created by Rick and Gayle Lewis of Kanab, Utah.

There have been approximately eight documented Bigfoot sightings near
Silverton over the past decade.  Could the San Juan Mountains provide
excellent habitat to maintain a stable Bigfoot population?

February 2009 is said to have had the region's latest Bigfoot report near
a resort in Durango.  Bigfoot sightings are said to have gone back to the
1840's with local miners.  
Bigfoot Museum Million Dollar Contest!
The Bigfoot museum will seek to introduce people to Bigfoot, the evidence and what they likely eat
and how they could exist.  This sounds like a real Bigfoot museum of education based upon the
latest theories.

The new museum will try to improve our understanding of Bigfoot, while tying the Woolly Bugger
into the history of Silverton.

In the spirit of the new Bigfoot Museum, we would like to share the following Bigfoot pictures sent to
Our Bigfoot.  Could they be museum-worthy evidence for the museum-minded Bigfoot seeker?
Take a peek at the following Bigfoot Pictures and decide for yourself...
Bigfoot Museum
Recently we received this close-up
photograph of a Biogfoot from a
person who wishes to remain

He (or she) believes it to be the best
known facial capture of a Bigfoot.  We
may argue that one.  Is it museum
quality or not?  It could work well for
educational purposes.  This Woolly
Bugger buck looks to be about 45
years old and is displaying a full beard.

Below Left:
The next Bigfoot museum photo which
we should offer was also sent to us
anonymously, even though it claims to
have been taken near Silverton:

"My wife and I were driving on May
19th, en-route to Silverton, CO on hwy.
550 from Durango, CO. - approx. 14
miles from town.

Out of the corner of our eyes we
noticed an animal moving off the side
of the road to our right, and my wife
snapped this photo as we were
passing by.
We thought it was a
bear, but the local
Forest Service Agent
we showed our
picture to said, 'That
ain't no bear you
saw. Bears don't
walk on two legs.'

Not positive what it
was, but believe it
could be something
you and your
readers are
interested in."
This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Hope you enjoyed your visit!  A Big thanks to KW Reinsch of Flickr for the Bigfoot
Museum statue image.

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