Bigfoot & Native Americans

Though Bigfoot expeditions and findings have really started to pick up in the late 20th century,
Bigfoot and Bigfoot-like beings have been a part of many Native American cultures for centuries.  
Native Americans have known about Bigfoot for centuries and their stories have been passed from
generation to generation through legends and folklore.

The Algonkian Indians, with such tribes as the Powhatan, Delaware, and Shawnee, have a mythical
female Bigfoot called Yeahoh in their culture.  The legend goes: there was a tired and hungry man
who became lost while hunting.  After a while of searching, he found a cave of which he entered.  
When he went inside he found the old Yeahoh with its deer meat and other food piled by the edges
of the cave walls.  The man was afraid of the creature, but after a while he went towards the pile of
meat to get himself some since the Yeahoh had let him be thus far.  The Yeahoh saw the knife the
man was carrying and said, “Yeahoh, yeahoh.”  The man then cut himself some meat.  He then
moved to the middle of the cave, got out his flint, and began to make a fire.  The Yeahoh looked at
the fire and the flint and said, “Yeahoh, yeahoh” again.  The man put the meat on a stick he found
and began to broil it.  After a little while, the meat was done and the man began to eat it.  As the
Yeahoh watched him, the man thought the Yeahoh wanted a piece of the cooked meat.  So, the
man cut off a piece broiled meat and gave it to the Yeahoh.  She began to eat it and with a happy
smack of her lips she said, “Yeahoh, yeahoh.”  For many weeks the Yeahoh and the man lived this
way.  The Yeahoh went to hunt and gather food and the man would broil the meat for them to eat.  
They lived together for so long that a baby was born to them.  It was half-man and half-Yeahoh.  By
now the Yeahoh liked the man so much that it would not let him leave, but the man was now longing
for home and wanted to leave.  One day the man tried to run away, but the Yeahoh followed him
and made him return to the cave.  The man still wanted to go home.  The next time he tried to slip
away, he pick a better time.  This time he made it all the way to the shore where his ship was ready
to set sail.  When he got onto the ship, he looked back and saw the Yeahoh coming towards the
ship with the child.  It screamed for the man to return.  When she saw that he was leaving, she tore
the child into two.  She offered him the Yeahoh half while she kept the man half while saying,
“Yeahoh, yeahoh.”  The man sailed off and left the Yeahoh standing like that.


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