Bigfoot Nessie

Bigfoot & Nessie Election?

We thought the 2008 Presidential campaign was over!  However, we found t-shirts
commemorating the little heard of Bigfoot - Nessie Campaign of '08!

The following Bigfoot-Nessie video pretty much sums it all up:
More about
Wow.  The video commercial
makes some very strong
points in support of Bigfoot
and Nessie.  That truly would
be BIG change we would all
believe in!

Below we found some
campaign photos, as well as
a t-shirt available on-line in
support of Bigfoot and
Nessie.  Two Washington
"outsiders;" two mavericks
who would definitely be
someone new in office.  We
wonder what political party
they represent, the Green
Party, perhaps?  Move over,
Ralph Nader!
Bigfoot Nessie
Bigfoot debating McCain and Obama
The following is an excerpt from an interview given by Bigfoot and Nessie during the campaign:

"My friends and fellow Americans, I’ve discovered that the Washington inside-the-beltway crowd
tends to look down on anybody who doesn’t talk or walk or smell a certain way. They don’t know
what to make of an uncouth upstart wandering in to tell them how we do things in the forest. And
when somebody comes along who doesn’t play by their tired old zoological rules, they attack.
They belittle. They try to pretend like that candidate doesn’t even exist.

Well, they won’t be able to ignore us any more. Tonight, I’m proud to join hand-in-flipper with my
great running mate and say “GRRRRAARRRR.” We’re stepping out of the shadows and into the
corridors of power. We’re swimming up from the depths to take on the entrenched special
interests. We’re roaring back at the professional political class that tries to pretend like we’re not
for real. And with your help, I am confident that we’ll leave a huge footprint on the history of this
great land of ours."

You can read more about the unlikely candidates at
Bigfoot Nessie '08
Bigftoo Nessie Tshirt
In the future, we need
to get behind these two
unlikely candidates.  

We're thinking 2012!
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