Bigfoot! Win a million dollars???
Bigfoot Novel!

A new novel about a woman's attempt to save the legendary Bigfoot!

Author Lori Leger has spun an interesting, fiction novel about a single mom and her two
small children who leave Southern Mississippi to begin new lives away from an abusive
boyfriend.  What they encounter was something they never could have imagined!
Bigfoot Novel: Novel story about Bigfoot!
The trio find themselves in Hoopa Valley, California, living in a
rented home on an Indian Reservation.  The small town captivates
the family, and the local sheriff becomes the mom's love interest.

However, Native American legends of Bigfoot make their way to
the family through story and dreams.  "Oh Mah," Native American
for the creature we call "Bigfoot," is considered to be a guardian
and the adventure escalates.

You'll surely enjoy Miss Leger's sharling of a world complete with
poachers, romance, kidnapping, murder, sex and of course,
The Bigfoot novel entitled, The Night Walker, by Lori Leger is available on her website and
other on-line venues.

Visit her website for more information: The Night Walker
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