Bigfoot Spotted at the Olympics?
Bigfoot Appears at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games!

During Olympic games, it is common for the hosting city to create a mascot.  In this case,
Vancouver, British Columbia has created four mascots based upon Native American
legends.  One of them, a Sasquatch, is called "Quatchi."
The 2010 Winter
Olympics are in
Vancouver, Canada.  
Quatchi (seen at left) is
their lovable Sasquatch

For Bigfoot to show up
at such an International
affair was sort of a
shock to some!
Quatchi is said to be a young Bigfoot who resides in the mysterious forests of Canada, we
read.  Being shy, this baby Bigfoot loves to explore new places and make friends with
humans (something quite unusual for a Bigfoot).  He is fond of winter sports, especially
hockey and desires to be a goalie (Who would have thought?).  The native stories about the
legendary creatures that were selected as Olympic mascots are retold by video here:
2010 Vancouver Olympic Mascots.

Bigfoot (in this case Sasquatch) is a very popular creature of lore found within native stories
emanating from the Pacific West Coast.  Native American legends of this big brother,
Bigfoot creature have certainly remained mysterious for hundreds of years.  Sasquatch is
thought of as watching over the native peoples, believed to be a messenger who appears
to them in order to bring warning.  It should be no surprise, then, that the word "Sasquatch"
is borrowed from the Salish tribe of the Pacific Northwest.

Accounts of Bigfoot in Canada are rather intriguing stories.  In one such yarn, a prospector
by the name of Albert Ostman claimed to be kidnapped by a Sasquatch in 1924 while
prospecting at the Toba Inlet on the British Columbia coastline.  Ostman lived to tell about
his experience of being captured by a family consisting of an older male, an older female
and two younger Sasquatch.  After spending several days with the Bigfoot family, he
eventually escaped with his life and one whopper of a tale!
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