Bigfoot Photo

Photo of Bigfoot?  

This photo is actually a photo-simulation of the bigfoot creature, if we could just get him to sit
still for a portrait!  We have a relationship with the bigfoot in our area, but we just are not that
close (in trust) where cameras, etc go unnoticed.  In fact when taking a photo of bigfoot, it is
hard to capture them
not moving or peering out from the brush.

The bigfoot photo below represents a grown male at what we estimate to be around 600
pounds and a height of about eight feet.  Our bigfoot photo has our boy in red fur, though
other colors from black to white exist (although we have never seen a white one).
bigfoot photo pictures
big foot photo Of course, the bigfoot photo was created
by an artist based upon our descriptions
and photos.  The artist, who wishes to
remain anonymous, is actually used by
local law enforcement to illustrate
criminals based upon eye witness
descriptions.  When we heard of her
work we thought, "What a perfect artist to
render the bigfoot creature for us."
Bigfoot  Photo Copyright 2007
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