Bigfoot Pictures & Photos
Enjoy the evidence of bigfoot, as
captured in these pictures and take
time to view the enlargements.  

There will be more bigfoot pictures added
from my father's collection in the near future...

New!! Bigfoot Pictures:  Bigfoot Body

The bigfoot pictures  represented on this page were
taken by either myself or my father, Ron DuPlatt.  
After many years of studying the amazing bigfoot
animal, my father began taking bigfoot pictures in the
I have been lucky to capture a couple decent bigfoot pictures myself, as I try and follow in the footsteps of my
late dad. He was the best at developing a trust and understanding of the creatures, only they understood.
bigfoot picture
Bigfoot Pictures

Picture of Bigfoot Hiding  
This picture has a bigfoot
hiding in the brush and is
hard to see.

Bigfoot Behind Tree
Two pictures of a bigfoot
animal peeking from behind
a tree.

Woman with Bigfoot
Quick size comparison
picture for reference.

Bigfoot Photo
Photo simulation of the
woolly bugger, if we could
get him to sit still for a bit!

More Bigfoot Pictures

Bigfoot Pictures of
Photos and pictures of
bigfoot footprints and
plaster casts...

Bigfoot Pictures of Diet  
What do bigfoot creatures
eat?  See it here in picture
and details...

Bigfoot Pictures of
Where do bigfoot animals
live? View pictures of their

Bigfoot Evidence
Pictures of bigfoot, as sent
in by our visitors...

Bigfoot & Bear Picture
Sasquatch decides to pose
behind another animal!

Bigfoot Face?
Is this glass smudge from a
woolly bugger? You decide.
bigfoot photos
big foot picture
bigfoot pictures
Many believe Bigfoot is
real.  What has
happened to all the
Bigfoot photos as
purported evidence?

Ohio Bigfoot Picture

McKenzie River

Skunk Ape Pictures!

Minnesota Iceman
Bigfoot Hunters
See incredible pictures of 1800s Bigfoot hunters with
their prize and evidence. Intriguing story!!
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It is for fun, and fictional at best.  Hope you enjoyed your visit!