Bigfoot Reunion

We've been preaching to the world about how Bigfoot is indeed a loving creature and not some
meat-eating beast.  Now video proof of this truth has surfaced from 1967, not dissimilar to the 1971
"Christian the Lion" reunion clip.  Bigfoot
does have a huge heart, and when raised from young to
adulthood, we found the woolly buggers will seek out human interaction, and of course, "love."
The reunion video also
demonstrates that Bigfoot
creatures just want to be
petted, caressed, loved
and hugged.  Sort of a
Harry and the Hendersons
meets Brokeback
Mountain, maybe.  You'll
witness the love shared
between the Sasquatch
and these two men.  We'll
leave it at that, as the
video speaks for itself.

Below is our version of the
Bigfoot reunion story, a
truly amazing account of
Beauty and the Beast!
In 1967, Robert Gimlin and Roger Patterson found a young Bigfoot at Bluff Creek, California.
Being confused and essentially lost in the California Redwoods forest, the young men decided to
bring Sasquatch back home with them.  A Park Ranger allowed Patterson and Gimlin to exercise
"Bigfoot" in the Redwood Forest Park grounds, but the creature quickly grew too large for their
tiny apartment.

The only possible thing the men could do was to try to re-introduce the young Bigfoot back to the
Redwoods of Humboldt County, which they succeeded in doing.  Missing Bigfoot, Robert and
Roger elected to visit him, but were told that the Sasquatch was now the head of his own Bigfoot
family and would be wild, incapable of remembering them.  They went anyway.

After several hours of searching for the Bigfoot family, this video was recorded showing their
reunion when they finally found them.  This video was released by the Park Ranger of the
Humboldt County Redwood Forest in order to be shared today with someone you love.

Rare Bigfoot Reunion Video courtesy of
Humboldt County California's Redwood Coast
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