bigfoot sasquatch
Bigfoot - Sasquatch

What is the difference between sasquatch and bigfoot?  

There really is no difference in the creature, just in the names.

The name sasquatch comes from a little known Native American language called Halkomelem or
Salish.  It is believed the name
sasquatch was coined between 1925-30, primarily in the Salishan
language of southwestern British Columbia.  Sasquatch has been translated as “hairy man” or
“hairy giant.”  In the United States, sasquatch is known as “bigfoot.”  The
sasquatch or bigfoot has
other names in the U.S., such as skunk ape or grass man, dependent upon the region.  
Furthermore, a dozen other countries have similar creatures with different names.

It is believed that the word
sasquatch was coined by JW Burns who as a hobby collected Chehalis
(Native American) accounts of bigfoot.  It is thought that sasquatch was created by combining
several Native American names for the hairy creature.  The term
bigfoot was actually coined by
newspapers after 1958 (see
bigfoot history).  

All bigfoot or sasquatch descriptions are the same: “A very large, hairy, humanoid creature reputed
to inhabit wilderness areas of the U.S. and Canada, especially in the Pacific Northwest.”
bigfoot sasquatch
There have been over 3000 bigfoot -
sasquatch sightings in North
America over the past two decades.
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