Bigfoot Shelters

Many wonder where does Bigfoot live and hide?  How can such a large
primate find a place to shelter?  Well, you may be surprised to find out that
Bigfoot creatures can build shelters...

Many believe Bigfoot to live in natural shelters, such as caves and rock formations; but this
is not how most Bigfoot creatures find refuge from natural elements.  Most Bigfoots
actually build their own shelters.  Although they are often considered almost ape-like in
appearance, they are much more intelligent than their possible ape cousins.  Bigfoot
animals have the ability to construct natural houses from trees and vegetation, when caves
are not available to them.  These structures can be described as primitive “lean-to, tree
limb style” shelters.  They have also been reported to create “igloo-like” structures in
extreme cold regions where snow is available.  With both types of shelters described,
Bigfoot creatures seem to prefer higher elevations when constructing their shelters.

What is even more remarkable is the fact that Bigfoot creatures can group together to hunt
and forage.  They also can travel great distances while foraging or hunting (usually
together), only to return later to the same area.  This means Sasquatches (or Bigfoots) can
move to less hostile climates during winter months; or areas where better protection from
the environment is available.  We have seen the same Bigfoots move in and out of the
area we monitor, for decades.  And, we have seen other Bigfoots visit our area only
Left:  The leftovers of a former
Bigfoot hut.  This would have
originally been covered with
leaved tree branches,
providing excellent cover from
the elements.  The ends of most
of the branches were just
"smashed," obviously by the
sheer power these Bigfoot
creatures possess.

Left: Bigfoot habitat and hut.

Left: Closer view of the Bigfoot
(see above) from years prior.
 This hut had the frame
constructed with, and within
grapevines.  Of course, other
sticks were then stacked upon
them, as well.  This Bigfoot
shelter is also older, and is
missing the leafed tree
branches that would have
completed the protective
hut-type structure.

Left: Summer hiding place.  This
path leads to a secluded hiding
place for a Bigfoot animal.  The
dense berry brush  provided
excellent cover from intruders
in the Bigfoot's area.  
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