Bigfoot Skeleton Found!

The smoking gun has been found.  Yes, a real Bigfoot skeleton has been unearthed
by Dr. Gladstone.  You'll see the picture of the skeleton as well as learn the story
about an eccentric scientist and his pursuit for the woolly bugger we call Bigfoot.

When we recently heard the story of skeletal proof of Bigfoot being unearthed in 1971 by a Dr.
Gladstone, we were stunned.  After all, why wouldn't such a huge discovery have been made public?  
After we listened to the account by Peter Byrne, former Director of the International Wildlife
Conservation Society,  we just had to locate Dr. Gladstone (if alive), and insist on an interview.

After a few weeks of digging up the anthropologist turned cryptozoologist, we soon found him hard at
work in California, an obvious location for a Bigfoot expert.  The good doctor reluctantly agreed to
meet with us and share his story of how a Bigfoot skeleton was literally in his own back yard!

Dr. Gladstone was quick to give credit of his discovery to neighbors and friends who helped him
unearth the woolly bugger after a series of seasonal mud slides.  Who would of thought?  And to
make it even better, accidentally nearby a fresh Bigfoot turd was also found.  Apparently, his
backyard has been a resting place of traveling Bigfoot creatures for decades.  Aided by good friend
Clayton Bailey, Dr. Gladstone carefully extracted the bones, cleaned them and re-assembled the
skeleton.  During re-assembly of the skeletal remains, it seems Dr. Gladstone also discovered an
unknown trait of the Bigfoot, and that being a triple-jointed appendage which led to Gladstone
scientifically naming his find, "Giganticus Erectus Robustus."  Dr. Gladstone gave us permission to
release his photograph showing the Bigfoot skeleton.  

For more on Dr. Gladstone's discovery, you may visit his website:
Dr. Gladstone

Below: Photograph of Dr. Gladstone posing with the Bigfoot skeleton he discovered.
bigfoot skeleton
Bigfoot Skeleton
A special thanks to ceramic and metal
sculptor Clayton Bailey who helped us
write this article as well as provide us
lodging while we visited California to bring
you this story.

We were amazed to stay in Clayton's
pottery shop, Bigfoot tracking equipment
and all, and still find him
not irritated with
us and a most gracious host.  Therefore,
we recommend you pay a visit to his
ceramic shop on-line...a very cool place!
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