Our Bigfoot Story

This is the story behind Our Bigfoot, which is a spoof site concerning
Bigfoot.  It is fictional at best, though we add all information we find about
the creature...so some of it may be real, while other parts are definitely
not true.  This website about Bigfoot is for entertainment only.

The truthful story is that OurBigfoot.com began as a summer project with
a father and his three kids.  It was meant to tell a fictional story of Lewis
DuPlatt and his supposed family of Bigfoot researchers, stemming back
into the 1950's.  Don't you think it was a funny concept?  The spirit of the
project was to imitate the Geico Cavemen commercials and create some
funny Bigfoot stories and videos.  

Before the website was completed, actual Bigfoot enthusiasts and
researchers had made quite a stir about this website being a fraud.  It was
our mistake in making it public before completion.  Sorry...

Searching For Bigfoot researcher, Tom Biscardi, was the only
one who reached out and understood that the site was never meant to be
anything more than for entertainment.  He had LC on his show to explain
the same story you read above and to declare to Bigfoot enthusiasts that
this was not someone trying to fool the Bigfoot research community.  
Tom's understanding was much appreciated.

Since that time, we have added more fictional stories about the Lewis
DuPlatt family and their "evidence."  This evidence is "spoofed" for fun
and is not authentic Bigfoot sounds, videos or information.

But...as the interest in the Our Bigfoot site had peaked, we thought we
would begin adding other information about Bigfoot.  Some of it may be
real, some of it may be fake - we just don't know, as we collect it from
around the Internet and through e-mail.  If you wish to send us your
information concerning Bigfoot, we just may publish it.  You never know...

So, we say all this so that you may have fun while here, not get uptight,
and believe what you want to believe, forget what you choose to forget,  
and be at peace, alright?  This Bigfoot spoof site is nothing to get up in
arms about...just view it however you like, but have fun with it.  Seriously,
can't we all just get along?  You figure out what's real on here and what is
not...that's part of the fun. ;)

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This website is intended for entertainment purposes only.  It is for fun, and fictional at best.  Hope you enjoyed your visit!
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