Bigfoot Video?

Bigfoot video has existed since the famous Patterson-Gimlin Bigfoot video or film taken in Bluff
Creek, California in 1967, by Roger Patterson and Robert Gimlin using a 16mm movie camera.  
This Bigfoot video shocked the world and has been disputed ever since.  
Many claim its
authenticity, while others say it was an elaborate hoax schemed with (Planet of the Apes) Hollywood  
make-up expert John Chambers, a Bigfoot costume expert.
Bigfoot video has found its roots in the original Bigfoot video
pictured at right.  Today, there have been hundreds of Bigfoot
video captured - some claiming to be authentic, while others are
obvious fakes.  What is amazing is that after the first Bigfoot
video shot in northern California, very few have been of the
quality of the Patterson-Gimlin film.  This either means that the
first was the original or that these guys really worked out the
details!  In fact, some people believe that the sheer odds of
Roger Patterson filming such a perfect Bigfoot video on his first
trip to try and video record one is the proof of it being an
elaborate hoax.  Is this a good Bigfoot video or a well planned out
fraud to create a sensation?  You decide...
Bigfoot Video
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The following are major Bigfoot video footage of note since the first recorded in 1967:

Freeman Bigfoot Video - Bigfoot video captured in the 1980s by Paul Freeman, a UFSF worker.

Don Keating's White Bigfoot Video - 1992 possible Bigfoot video of a large, white creature.

Jesse Cantu's Swamp Bigfoot Video - 1997 Bigfoot video revealed a dark mass that wasn't
there upon return.

Snow Walker Bigfoot Video - Bigfoot video most likely created by UPN for fun in the 1990s.

There have been many other Bigfoot video submitted to date as evidence, but none have ever
reached the notoriety of the first Bigfoot video that shocked the world.

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