Do Porcupines Eat Bigfoot Bones?
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Do Porcupines Eat Bigfoot Bones?
If we cannot easily find a Bigfoot skeleton, then maybe porcupines
possess the knack for locating and devouring bones of Sasquatch.
At least that's what some Bigfoot researchers would have us to
believe, recently. Ahh, some of the greatest of cryptid theories
have come to light in our lifetime, recently, huh?

Many Bigfoot fans were recently shocked to hear of the idea that
porcupines possess the skill for eating Bigfoot bones (in addition
to launching an air barrage of quills at the family dog when
attacked) while watching a recent episode of TV's
Finding Bigfoot.
The television show not only offered porcupines as the supposed
reason why Bigfoot bones can't be found but claimed it to be a
"fact" that nature's warm-blooded pin cushions crave bones.
Because bones can provide nutrients that porcupines like (salt, calcium, maybe), we can
only image how good Sasquatch frames must taste. According to
Finding Bigfoot, Woolly
Bugger bones must be lunchupon ed by porcupines at an alarming rate - so fast that none
can ever be found! Additionally, the well-respected expert at the
Cryptomundo blog
offered his crypto-mumbo-jumbo that porcupines like to hide their bone collection and that
few carcasses of any animals dot our forests when one considers just how many expire
regularly (compare the number of animal corpses found versus how many must die
weekly). Hmmm. Interesting point, but...

We agree that many animals eat bones and nature has many methods to decay a rotting
body; so nature could definitely be responsible for wiping out some evidence of Bigfoot.
But knowing this is all true, do we still find bones of other animals whose bodies expired?
Yes, Virginia, we do. And most of those carcasses are much smaller, and consequently
easier to decompose than an 8 foot tall ape-man that weighs hundreds of pounds. And we
best consider this: What about areas where porcupines don't exist? If there aren't any
porcupines to consume Bigfoot bones, then what the heck is eating all the Woolly Bugger
bones? Where are they? Have they all been neatly consumed before any human has found
them? No - one man has found a Bigfoot skeleton: Dr. Gladstone.

Dr. Gladstone's Bigfoot Skeleton (before a porcupine eats the damn thing)
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