Expedition Yeti!

Expedition Yeti!

An Expedition To Find The Yeti Launches Late October 2008!
We were notified this summer by Penjo Dorji that an expedition to find the famed Abominable
Snowman, or Yeti, is to officially take place October 31st, 2008.  The following letter was
received from Penjo:

"We are very pleased to inform you that we are organizing an expedition into the world’s only
Yeti Sanctuary. This area has the maximum sightings of the Yeti, or Migoi as it is locally known.
The Sakten Wildlife Sanctuary has been set aside for many rare and endangered species. It is
the habitat of animals such as the Blue Bear, Clouded Leopard, Snow Leopard, etc. Due to its
remote location, little is known of this area.

Some years ago an expedition from the UK found hairs that belong to no known species. The
monastery at Sakten is reputed to have the skull of a Yeti among its treasures, although this
remains unconfirmed due to religious reasons.

It is our intention to visit this sanctuary and conduct an expedition in search of this and other
rare species. Please visit us at
Yeti Quest for further details on the expedition. The date for the
expedition is set for October 31st, and will last for three weeks."

The expedition is taking place in Bhutan, which is 70% forest, with 35% of it protected.  This has
allowed rare species (including the Yeti) to survive, basically undiscovered by the modern
world.  Many remote areas have yet to be mapped, being located on the southern slopes of the
Himalayan Mountains.  

Three to four teams of the Yeti expedition will be formed with the main objective being to capture
video and/or picture evidence.   DNA samples of bones and hair are also being sought during
the three week adventure.  Adventurers are being sought for a fee to cover costs of the trip.

This Yeti exploration follows on the heels of a Japanese expedition that embarked August 16th,

"A seven member crew...led by veteran Yeti hunter and mountaineer Yoshiteru Takahashi, will
depart Japan on August 16....their destination is in the Dhaulagiri mountains in central Nepal,
where they will establish base camp at an elevation of 4,300 meters (14,000 ft) and set up an
array of automated infrared cameras along a ridge.  For six weeks, the men and their state-of-
the-art motion-sensitive cameras will monitor the area for signs of the Yeti."

You can view the camera set-up here: Suntory Yeti Set-up

We have yet to hear of the results, but anxiously await to hear if they were successful during
their outing.  
UPDATE: Japan Project Abominable Snowman

Sources: Pink Tentacle  and Yeti Project Japan
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