Find Bigfoot & Win!

Find Bigfoot- Win $10 Million
New Spike TV Contest Announced: Prove Bigfoot Exists and Be Rich!   October 2012
Find Bigfoot- Win $10 Million
A new television show is coming to Spike TV called, 10 Million
Dollar Bigfoot Bounty. Teams of Bigfoot hunters will be
searching for proof of Bigfoot. The prize offered for "proof" is the
largest prize ever in TV history. The reality TV show will be an
hour long and follow the Sasquatch seekers as they try to find
evidence that once and for all ends the long-disputed
woolly-bugger mystery.

As of this writing, we have absolutely no idea how you can get
your Yeti investigative team on the show to find Bigfoot for $.
Will 10 Episodes Be Enough?
Rumor has it that ten episodes of Bigfoot
Bounty will air on the "man channel," and
will be filmed around different locations in
the United States.

The teams will have to prove without a
doubt to a panel of experts (experts in
what?) that this elusive creature does
indeed exist. We suspect the panel will
be full of skeptics - that will be fun.

The huge cash prize of $10 million dollars
is said to be underwritten by Lloyd's of London. We bet those British gamblers are fairly
certain that no one will find Bigfoot evidence worthy of claiming the prize.

As more is released about the Bigfoot contest, Spike TV promises to release the
information here:
Bigfoot Bounty.
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