Himalayan Yeti
The Yeti: DNA Testing in August 2009 may prove the existence of the creature!
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A legend of Tibet, the Yeti is another name given to the Abominable Snowman.
The evidence collected by some local people of China (near the border of Nepal), mainly
hair strands, are being reported as undergoing DNA testing in late August of 2009.

The question is whether or not the Himalayan Yeti will be proven, or if some unknown local
bear will be newly discovered.  One could say that China is abuzz about this story.

The legend of the Himalayan Yeti has existed for centuries.
Himalayan Yeti Picture
The Himalayan Yeti is known as the Meh-teh by
the people of Nepal.  

Many of the local Nepalese have reportedly seen
the Himalayan Yeti, but still there is little evidence
to prove it actually exists.  Many scientists have
theorized that resident bears standing on their
hind legs have been mistakenly identified as the
Yeti creature - a snowy, mountainous region

There is hope for believers in the Himalayan Yeti.
Scientists who are testing the DNA of the hair strands have already confirmed that they do
not belong to any animals that exist in Nepal, or the near the Chinese border.

The Chinese call the Himalayan Yeti the Xueguai.  Is it a rare bear that has remained
undiscovered by science?  Or, is proof of the Himalayan Yeti about to be released in China?
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