How to Walk like Bigfoot!

With all the hoaxers out there, we thought it might be best to show how to walk like Bigfoot!
Our friend shows us how the Bigfoot gait was done for the famous Patterson Bigfoot film...

OK.  You learned how to make a Bigfoot costume and pieced together your own personal,
human monkey suit.  You might have read recently how easy it is to dupe others into
believing you are a living, breathing woolly-bugger.   If not, read the Connecticut Bigfoot
story.  But you want to learn how to walk like a gorilla and not an Egyptian.

Leroy Blevins, who did the research on the six men behind the Patterson Bigfoot film (see
Patterson Bigfoot), recently created a video of how the person walked in this most treasured
and famous clip of purported Bigfoot evidence.  In the video, Leroy demonstrates how easy
it is to walk with a primate gait, complete with swing arms, bent swagger and the infamous
turn to the camera look that appeared in the Patterson Bigfoot footage:
Video courtesy of Leroy Blevins at Patterson Bigfoot Film Debunked - How to walk like Bigfoot Copyright 2009
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