Iowa Bigfoot?

Iowa Bigfoot
Is this video proof or a hoax that an Iowa Bigfoot exists?
bigfoot sightings - Iowa
Iowa Bigfoot!
Posted on July 19,
2011, the Iowa Bigfoot
video (aka Basswood
video) purports to
capture evidence of a
Sasquatch in
Northwest  Iowa. The
question many have
asked is, "Is this
Bigfoot sighting real?"
We have created some still pictures from the Bigfoot video for closer examination. When
the video is watched closely, the fur of the Bigfoot seems "puffy" and black; the face
looks like it has smooth parts like many costumes for sale on the Internet. Is it a Bigfoot?
We feel it was a great prank that some parents played upon their children who were
riding in the back seat of their SUV. At the end, the Bigfoot starts making its way toward
the road and the driver tears out of there in reverse complete with kids screaming!
Below are various still pictures of the Bigfoot taken from the video...
Iowa Bigfoot Photograph
Iowa Bigfoot Photo
Iowa Bigfoot Picture
Iowa Bigfoot Pic
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