Abominable Snowman!!!

Abominable Snowman Footprint!

Last month we brought you word about the Japan Project's Yeti expedition into the
mountains of Nepal.  Here's early word of their find in October 2008!
The Japanese search for the Abominable Snowman embarked August 16th, 2008:

"A seven member crew...led by veteran Yeti hunter and mountaineer Yoshiteru Takahashi, will
depart Japan on August 16....their destination is in the Dhaulagiri mountains in central Nepal,
where they will establish base camp at an elevation of 4,300 meters (14,000 ft) and set up an
array of automated infrared cameras along a ridge.  For six weeks, the men and their
state-of-the-art motion-sensitive cameras will monitor the area for signs of the Yeti."

The Japanese Yeti hunters returned from the mountains and said on Tuesday, October 21st
that they were successful in finding footprints that they believe belong to the abominable
snowman.  Even though footprints were discovered and photographed, the explorers searching
for the Abominable Snowman were unable to capture photos or video of the creature itself.

"We saw three footprints which looked like that of human beings," Kuniaki Yagihara disclosed in
Kathmandu.  The Abominable Snowman's footprints were found in snow at an altitude of 15,748
feet.  "We know how the footprints of bear, deer and mountain goat look like and it was none of
that," the 61 year old stated. "We believe it is that of Yeti.  If I don't believe on Yeti I would never
come."  Yagihara manages a mountain museum back in Japan.

His crew known as the "Yeti Project Japan" spent six weeks in the high altitudes and cold
weather, accompanied by local people called "Sherpas."  The legend of the Abominable
Snowman has been told for decades by the native people and described as a "wild, hairy
creature" inhabiting the Himalayas.  

View the Abominable Snowman camera set-up here:
Suntory Yeti Set-up

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Abominable Snowman Footprint?
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