Kansas Bigfoot?

Kansas Bigfoot
Is this video real evidence of a Kansas Bigfoot?
Seriously, Bigfoot in Kansas? This Bigfoot video
purportedly was shot in the state known for
prairies and farms. The fur is red like an
orangutan. Is it a Bigfoot - Sasquatch? Take a
look and decide for yourself...
bigfoot sightings - Kansas
Kansas Bigfoot Picture
Bigfoot video
slowed down
into stills for
review...is there
a Bigfoot
population in
About the Kansas Bigfoot Video:
"What danman1167 caught on video was in frame for only about 2-3 seconds tops. In
my opinion, this is the real thing. It has a large patch of hair missing from the right
shoulder area. You can see a hand.....and a face."
- CitizenTruth

Supposedly, two hikers came across the red-haired Sasquatch crossing the path
ahead of them somewhere in Kansas (we just don't know where, for sure). The Bigfoot
video is choppy and does not show anything further (e.g. footprints, fur, etc). To us, it
looks more like it was filmed for YouTube. Below is the original video...
The original
Bigfoot video
from Kansas is
suspect in our
Another Bigfoot video surfaced from Kansas. This time, it looks like a dark primate
walking upright. Our guess is that we have another Bigfoot hoax made for YouTube.
Here's the video:
Baby Bigfoot,
baby gorilla, or
a kid in a
monkey suit?
You decide, but
we do not think
this is evidence
of a woolly -
bugger in
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