Minnesota Bigfoot?

Minnesota Bigfoot Picture?

Leech Lake Bigfoot photo on trail camera stirs up the media!  

Bigfoot's at it again.  He is now stalking the forests of northern Minnesota, according to
Casey Kedrowski who captured a furry woolly-bugger walking in front of his game cam.

The motion-activated trail cameras were set-up in October 2009 to scout trails for deer near
their hunting shack next to Chippewa National Forest.  The Bigfoot caught the
self-proclaimed skeptic by surprise.

Casey, a sophomore in college, thought his brother perpetrated the hoax.  His brother
blamed Casey for setting-up a Bigfoot stunt.  After looking at the Minnesota Bigfoot picture
a bit more, the brothers theorized that maybe it was a bow hunter.  After all, it could have
been a hunter, dressed in dark clothing, scouting the area for deer hunting, also.
bigfoot sasquatch
Minnesota Bigfoot Picture
Minnesota Bigfoot Photo!
Of course, the Northern Minnesota Bigfoot Team
weighed in with their expert opinion, and despite the
straight, pants-like legs that lack muscle definition
(much like a
Bigfoot costume), the experts believe the
arm length is very similar to the Bigfoot in the famous
Patterson-Gimlin Sasquatch clip.

The Minnesota Bigfoot Team sent their tallest man, a
whopping 6'6" behemoth to stand in front of the same
game camera and concluded there was no comparison
with the much larger Bigfoot.

Local wildlife officials believe the Bigfoot to be nothing
more than a typical Northern Minnesota resident out for
a stroll in a snowsuit.  They say there is a line at the
waist which is where the coat is over-top of a pair of
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