Northeast Ohio: Bigfoot Picture
Northeast Ohio Bigfoot Picture
Are There Bigfoot Running Through Northeast Ohio?

Recently, Buzzbin Magazine of Canton, Ohio ran a story about Bigfoot possibly being
captured on a trail camera by a man who likes to take snapshots of game in the wild. Yes,
an unidentified man from Strasburg, Ohio likes to take photographs of deer, raccoons and
other nocturnal animals, including Bigfoot. This woolly-bugger picture exploited by Buzzbin
as captured from a game camera looks like a Yeti gone wild!

Strasburg, Ohio is located just 20 minutes south of Canton down Interstate 77, right off the
highway. It's not a city, but a small town. Being a rural location, and of course, having a good
bar or two, we are not surprised that a Sasquatch might have been photographed in that
neck of the woods. The trail camera that was used, like most game cameras, is designed
to be strapped to a tree and triggered into snapping photos when detecting movement.
They use either Infrared night vision or fire off a flash unit to see into the darkness.
Therefore, pictures taken by cameras at night aren't necessarily the best images -
especially with the absence of colors. Ergo, the possible photograph of a Bigfoot taken in
northeast Ohio is in what looks like black and white. It simply is void of color, being a limited
range of light the camera's eye can see at night. This is normal.
Ohio Bigfoot Picture
Ohio is known for Bigfoot sightings, ranking 4th in the United States for woolly-bugger
activity. Most counties in Ohio have had a Bigfoot report one time or another with Portage
being the most popular place to spot a Midwestern United States Yeti!

This bigfoot picture (above) from northeast Ohio was captured the last day of December,
2010 if the date on the camera is correct - and at dusk. It's fur appears light gray in the
photo, but this Bigfoot's hide is likely much darker. The trail camera's lights most likely
illuminated the bushy beast. Could it be a hoax? Who's to say. Did a neighbor or friend
think it would be funny to dress up and run in front of the camera at night? Who can say.
Bird on the Brain
We wonder if a bird flew in front
of the lens - look closely. We see
eyes and what may be a beak.
The blur could be caused by
wings and flight.

Is it Bigfoot? You decide...
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