Patterson Bigfoot

Patterson Bigfoot?

The famous Patterson/Gimlin Bigfoot film, which started the Bigfoot craze in the
United States, is debunked by Leroy Blevins, Sr.

We received a letter recently from Mr. Leroy Blevins, Sr.  In it, he explains the research he has done
breaking down the most famous Bigfoot evidence ever, the Roger Patterson Bigfoot film.

After sifting through his notes and visiting his website,
Patterson & Gimlin Bigfoot Film Debunked,
Patterson Bigfoot
we were quite impressed with many of the irregularities in the film
that Leroy pointed out.  Even more interesting, the research he did
into Patterson's involvement with other publications from the
1960's, such as his own book and a magazine article, seemed quite
damning, when put into the light of potentially being the precursor
to the elaborate hoax that was to come.

Especially of interest are the drawings Leroy uncovered that were
created by Roger Patterson
before the alleged Bigfoot event was
ever filmed.  Features, in the sketches and the Bigfoot in the
footage, are remarkably similar.

Not only did Leroy Blevins put this and much more evidence
together, but he also uncovered photographs of what may be the
actual suit used in a Hollywood movie, prior to the Patterson Bigfoot
film clip.  In short, there is so much evidence we feel it best that you
check it out for yourself.  The following is Mr. Leroy Blevins letter:
Patterson Bigfoot
Still-shot of the famous Patterson
Bigfoot clip, filmed in 1967.
My name is Leroy Blevins Sr. C/O Blevins Biblical Investigations.

In my research in the past 23 years, I have made many big discoveries and one of them is the
debunking of the Patterson and Gimlin film of Bigfoot.  After 41 years, it now can be shown as a
hoax.  The key word is
shown.  Yes, I have done a six month research on the Patterson/Gimlin film,
and it was a hoax.  What I found in the footage and still photos, show it is a hoax.

The claim that Bob Gimlin was on his horse, the whole time, is not true.  For as I was going over the
still photos, I found Bob Gimlin standing behind the brush, as the Bigfoot walked by him, and you
can see his face behind the brush.

They claim there was only the two men there that day - not true.  For in the footage, as you see
Patterson going down the road with the pack horse, another man's hat comes in and out of frame
(at the lower right corner of the frame).  Also in the footage, you will see an image of a man walking
off to the right in the footage.  However, they took the man out of the footage, but the image of the
man still can be seen.  In another part of the footage, you will also see another man's image.  They
also edited him out, for you see this white blur spot where the man was standing, but they left the
man's shadow in the frames.

They claim there was three reels shot that day.  However, reel number three has never been seen,
but on reel two you can see two other men, and they are Jerry Merrit and Bob Heironimus.  Both of
these men can be seen on reel two that they claim was shot on Oct 20th, 1967.

The feet of the Bigfoot are two different feet, for the left foot of this Bigfoot is a flat pad with no toes.
 However, the right foot has toes and looks more like a foot.

The footprints that were made at the film site were man-made.  For as I was looking over a still
photo of one print from the film site, I noticed if you look at the heel, you can see five compress
ridge marks in the heel.  For if this print was real, the heel would have been rounded off with no
compressed ridges.  However this print has the compressed ridges.

It was claimed that Bob Heironimus was the man in the costume - that's true Heironimus confessed
in 2004).  For as I was studying the walk of the Bigfoot and Bob Heironimus, they do look the same.  
However, I also examined the motion of the feet, as the Bigfoot walked.  I did the same to the walk of
Bob Heironimus, and the motion of the feet on the Bigfoot and Bob Heironimus both have the same
motion in there walk.

As I was going over the footage, I have found 74 splices in the film, and only 5 seconds of the film
that had no splice marks.  As for the rest of the footage, it was spliced together.

A black horse was also found in the footage with no rider on it.  The horse was about 30ft away
from the Bigfoot, just standing there.

In my research, I came across one photo of Patterson and Gimlin with four other men.  As I was
going over this photo, I found out some things.  The photo shows Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin,
Bob Heironimus, Jerry Merrit and two other men.  So, I looked over the photo and the reels shot on
October 20th, 1967 and noticed they all have something that stands out in the footage and this one
photo: they all had on the same clothes.  Patterson, shown in the footage, stills and in this one
photo, has on the same striped shirt and blue jeans.  Bob Heironimus, seen on reel two shot on Oct
20th, 1967, has on the same white, long sleeve shirt with a black vest that is seen in the one photo
of all six men.  Even Jerry Merrit was also wearing the same clothes in reel two and this one photo.  
So, by going over this the film and this photo of all 6 men, it is clear they were captured on the
same day.  Not only can we see one man having on the same clothes, but four of the men were
wearing the same thing.  There is no way that this could happen, unless the film and the
photograph were taken on the same day.  Even this shows more than just two men were there that
day.  Now, we can show six men there.
There is one other thing I'd like to also point out that I also found while doing my research on this film: Roger Patterson.  If
you look at reel two, you will see Roger Patterson making the cast prints and he gets red mud on his paints and also some
plaster on his left leg.  Now, as we look also at the same reel, we can see Patterson standing in front of a tree with the cast
prints in his hands.  If you look closely at this, you will notice that Patterson is holding the cast prints in his hands, but his
paints have no red mud or white plaster on them.  However, when he made the cast prints he got red mud and white plaster
on his pants.  Then, we see him holding the prints with nothing on his paints.  Even when we look at the prints he holds in his
hands, you can see that the cast prints are gray and not white.  They are very clean, but the photos of the cast prints they
took in town show the prints with mud and dirt on them.  There is only one way for this to happen: the part of the footage
were Patterson was holding the finished prints in his hand by the tree was filmed before the part where he was making the
cast prints.

Something also about the photo of all six men and the part of the film where Patterson is holding the prints in his hands and
standing in front of the tree.  The tree that Patterson is standing in front of in the film is the same tree he was by in the photo
of all six men.  Yes, both the film and the photo of all six men were shot in the same location, for the tree has the same
marks, the bark on the tree runs the same way, and the width of the tree is also the same.  I matched both of the trees
together and they are one in the same.

Now, about the Bigfoot costume.  Yes, it is a costume, for as I was going over the Bigfoot in the film, you can clearly see
seams in the suit.  And, like I said about the feet, they are two different feet.  As the Bigfoot was walking, you can see that
some of the fur comes un-tucked in the buttocks area.  In the film, I can even show that this Bigfoot walks and stands upright.

This is only a little bit of my research on the Patterson and Gimlin film...

Thank you for your time in this matter.

Leroy Blevins Sr.
Patterson Bigfoot

Images from Leroy Blevins
showing the
book by Roger
Patterson, published
the eventual filming of the
Bigfoot in Northern California
in 1967.  Notice how the
sketch by Roger Patterson of
a female Bigfoot resembles
the breasted female Bigfoot
seen within the film.  It would
appear, Patterson had
already conceived of the
female Bigfoot idea.  Did he
create the film to support his
book, or the book to support
the Bigfoot film that was to

Photo of the six men,
showing the same clothes on
some of them, as on reel two
of the Patterson films.  The
point?  This was a collective
effort to pull the hoax off that
involved more than just
Gimlin and Patterson.

note: By selecting the
images, you can see them

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