Gimlin Patterson Bigfoot
Patterson Bigfoot Suit

Costume maker Philip Morris came forward claiming he designed and sold the Bigfoot
costume to Roger Patterson for the 1967 famous Bigfoot hoax film.  Now, Leroy Blevins
works to reconstruct the Patterson Bigfoot suit in order to prove it can be done!

In November 2008, Philip Morris' story of how he created a Bigfoot suit and sold it to Roger
Patterson for the infamous Patterson Bigfoot film hit the media.  This was a tremendous blow to the
Bigfoot searchers out there who have hailed this film by Patterson as being the Holy Grail of Bigfoot
evidence.  You can read about Morris' gorilla suit story here:
Gimlin - Patterson Bigfoot Costume.
Patterson Bigfoot Film
A few months back, we brought you the story of Mr. Leroy Blevins
and his work to uncover the truth behind the Patterson Bigfoot
film.  He was able to produce quite a bit of evidence that showed
more men were at work to help create the Bigfoot evidence than
what Mr. Patterson's account had led us to believe.  You can read
our story about Mr. Blevin's work here:
Patterson Bigfoot.

It's been said by some that the gait of the Bigfoot in Patterson's
film could not be duplicated by a human.  Loving a challenge, Mr.
Blevins decided to create a video and post it on YouTube of his
initial attempt at creating the Bigfoot walk and turn move:

Leroy Blevins demonstrates
the Bigfoot gait on video.

Still, Bigfoot enthusiasts and
researchers have claimed
that it would be impossible to
create a Bigfoot costume
showing the muscles and
shape that is found in the
Patterson clip.  Leroy loves a
challenge, as we mentioned.

Below are some comparison
photos of Mr. Blevin's Bigfoot
costume compared
side-to-side with the suit
made by Philip Morris.

"Here is a photo taken today
of the copy of the Patterson
Bigfoot costume.

I have to change some things
to the suit, however, it
matches the suit that
Patterson used in his film.

Suit made by Leroy Blevins

We have to agree the suit is
looking very close to the one
in the Patterson film.

Can Leroy complete the task?
Check back and we will report
on his progress.  Also, please
visit his website for much
more information on this
Bigfoot Film Debunked!
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