Quebec Bigfoot?
Exciting find in the nature film 'Great North' just may show a Bigfoot in Quebec!

About nine minutes into the Imax movie Great North, which debuted ten years ago, an
ape-like creature appears, possibly pursuing caribou as they cross a river.  The find was
recently noticed by an anonymous viewer and being investigated by Bigfoot researchers.

The possible Bigfoot seems to walk, run, and move on all fours much like a gorilla would.  
The image is quite intriguing, as the animal does not move like a bear.  The only question
remains is whether those who filmed the video in Quebec had a crew member on the other
side of the river.  Some have suggested it is simply a camera man running with the herd
and ducking down at times to take a shot.  

Check out the Bigfoot video from Quebec for yourself and see what you think:
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