Sasquatch! Sasquatch! Sasquatch!

Sasquatch Statue
by Cliff Hales

Sculptor Cliff Hales created a life-size statue of Sasquatch, based upon famous Bigfoot
footage.  He sent us the photographs of his amazing creation to prove it:

My name is Cliff Hales and I am a sculptor. I am interested in Sasquatch  and have sculpted a
'reproduction' Sasquatch.  I have included pictures. He stands just over 8', is 46" wide at the
shoulders, and has thighs measuring 45" around.  I arrived at size and dimensions based on the
Patterson-Gimlin film, and the mass was increased to accommodate a male.
bigfoot sasquatch!
Sasquatch Statue!
How would you
like to meet this
big boy in the
woods!  Yikes!
Sasquatch Statue
Sasquatch Statue Images used with Cliff Hales'
permission.  Photos may not be reproduced or
used elsewhere without owner's permission.

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