Searching for Bigfoot: Bigfoot Lives
Documentary from Tom Biscardi and Marco Bill of Searching
for Bigfoot
searching for bigfoot video
What's on the Searching for Bigfoot video:  Front End - Promo-Ad for weekly web cast of
Bigfoot Live Radio Show featuring Mr. Tom Biscardi as Host. Then Intro to Movie Preview of
Bigfoot Lives and Upcoming documentary on Tom Biscardi and His
Searching For Bigfoot
Inc. Team as they give a documentary of their Expeditions of 2006 throughout the USA and
Canada Searching and Interviewing Real People with Real Bigfoot Experiences. The Movie
Preview gives a basic overview of the currently released movie "Bigfoot Lives" and the
ending of the video provides another promotion for The Bigfoot Live Radio Show and also
an Chance for People to Join the Bigfoot Experience by Joining an expedition with Tom
Biscardi and His Team as well as Dr. Ron Milione (TAPs on SCIFI Ghost Hunters), Jim
Snell of Chaser Radio and host of Bigfoot Research Organization that have joined Tom
Biscardi and His team to attempt "CAPTURE" of a Bigfoot in the hottest spot in the USA for
Bigfoot activity, Paris Texas. There will be TV exposure with a Reality TV spot being made
of this expedition.

Info on Tom Biscardi:  Tom Biscardi is searching for Bigfoot full-time and estimates over
3000 Bigfoot to exist within North America.  With the latest technologies and Tom's military
training, many believe he will have the first live capture of the elusive Bigfoot  animal.  Tom
is an genuinely nice person who cares about finding the truth behind this great mystery.

Here are a few of Tom's quotes taken from his website:  

"I was watching John Carson in 1967, and I saw the first 8mm footage that Roger
Patterson took of the Bluff Creek incident. I said to myself, 'How the hell can we send a
man to the moon, but we can't find this creature'."

"I went to the library and researched my predecessors, to see what kind of mistakes they
had made, so that I could do better. I then started my own Bigfoot research company to
stage expeditions to find the creature."

"The recent Burney Mountain sighting of Bigfoot is the fifth time I've seen Bigfoot in 32
years. I've always had the love for the myths, the unknowns, and mysteries. When I entered
into my freshman year of high school, a guidance counsellor asked me what I wanted to
be.  I said 'A paleontologist of course.  I love the study of fossils and bones.'"