Shoot Bigfoot?!

Are there plans in the works to shoot a Bigfoot creature?
Shoot Bigfoot?
The creators of Bigfoot Shoot To Kill have launched a new website
and are serious about hunting down a Bigfoot.  We can only
surmise it is because they are tired of the lack of evidence provided
by Bigfoot researchers of the elusive Woolly Bugger.

The following is an excerpt from their video about their quest:
"Come with us on the adventure of a lifetime.  Take a chance at
being a part of history.  Join the team that's going to write the final
chapter of the Bigfoot story."
"We know Bigfoot exists.  Now we know there are hundreds, if not thousands of them.
They're roaming our forests in the remote areas of our country.  After a year of scouting,
hunting, investigating Bigfoot we've unanimously decided that the only way to kill one of
these creatures is to hunt it down relentlessly using state-of-the-art technology
combined with good old-fashioned hunting skills.

Our goal is to coordinate and launch the world's first and largest Bigfoot shoot to kill
hunting expedition with a commitment to finishing what we started.  We are actively
seeking skilled hunters, trackers, adventurers, explorers, map readers, communications
experts, marksman...hell we even need cooks.  But most of all, we need members."

The video goes on to say that the beauty of this Bigfoot hunt is that members can be there
via satellite while Bigfoot is brought down.  Members will be able to tune-in any time they
want by way of their computer to track progress of the
Bigfoot Shoot To Kill teams.  
Monies to join the website are supposed to be used to fund the various teams.

Is it real?  Check out their website and decide for yourself.  We can only hope nobody in a
Bigfoot costume is accidentally shot!

Source: Bigfoot Shoot To Kill
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