The Siberian Snowman Bigfoot...

Siberian Snowman?
Is there a Bigfoot in Russian remote areas known as the Siberian Snowman?  

Like cavemen who have been lost in time, reports of the Siberian Snowman (aka
Chuchunaa) are different from typical Bigfoot sightings reported around the globe.
Believed to be living in remote regions of the former Soviet Union, such as Siberia where
they are known as Mulen, the Siberian Bigfoot has often been described as wearing
clothing, specifically animal skins. Although the Siberian Snowman fits the size and furry
descriptions of Bigfoot in North America, the wearing of animal skins and a noted white
patch of forearm hair seems to be more indicative of Neanderthal depictions than
Sasquatch descriptions. Does the Siberian Snowman truly exist?
bigfoot sasquatch: Siberian Snowman
Siberian Snowman Bigfoot!
In 1928, the government of
the Soviet Union began
exploring the remote
Indigirka and Yana river
regions with expedition
teams collecting
eyewitness accounts of
the Bigfoot creatures.
Tribes native to the area
have lore that has passed
down for hundreds of
years about the Siberian Snowman which some have viewed as outcasts from human
civilization (the name
Chuchunaa means "outcast"). In Siberia, the Siberian Snowman
Bigfoot is known to penetrate buildings and barns to take food and other items.
Siberian Bigfoot Picture
Although the Russian authorities have studied the
Bigfoot accounts for decades, there has been little
evidence of their existence beyond the stories and

An authority on Siberian Bigfoot holds an artist's rendering
of what the creature may look like.
In recent years, multiple stories of Siberian Snowman sightings have made their way
westward; the Bigfoot creatures having been sighted in southwest Siberia's Azzaskoy
Caves not too far from Tashtagol. There have been castings of footprints from what locals
describe as black fur-covered, bipedal, tall, human-like creatures. It has also been
reported that a planned expedition by a Soviet University into the Bigfoot-infested caves
could finally glean some answers about the reported cave-rat Bigfoot. This has not been
able to be confirmed by Bigfoot - Sasquatch researchers. Recently, a program aired on
television featuring the Siberian Snowman, claiming that remains of the beast have been
found. Is it real? You decide...

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