Sierra National Forest Bigfoot?
A debate has ensued over the authenticity of a recently released Bigfoot photograph taken
by a game trail camera in the Sierra National Forest.  Is it evidence of Bigfoot?

Jeffrey Gonzalez sent out a press release about photographing a Bigfoot in the Sierra
National Forest.  Of course, our ears perked up, so we checked out his wonderful website
Sanger Paranormal Society.
Sierra National Forest Bigfoot
Original Bigfoot Trail Camera Image Sierra National Forest Bigfoot?
Top: Four photos with two of them having light adjustment.  
The fourth photo has the Bigfoot image outlined in red.

Right: The Bigfoot image outlined in red close-up.

Above: Original trail camera image - reduced in size.
The debate going on in the Bigfoot community is whether or not the photograph actually reveals a
Bigfoot or if it is an effect of shadow, light and leaves coupled with
anthropomorphizing.  In other
words, are we seeing what we want to see in this photograph?

We decided to step aside and allow you, the reader, to decide.  The following is the original press
release which tells the story:
Sanger Press Release.  This excerpt is from a newspaper article
about the Sanger Bigfoot story:

"Investigator Jeffrey Gonzalez said...multiple cameras were put in place in this remote area on
Memorial Day weekend and retrieved on June 7, 2009.  Gonzalez said they did not immediately
see the evidence, but upon closer inspection noticed what appears to be the Bigfoot creature.
Gonzalez said a group returned to the site to review the exact capture spot after many theories
surfaced once the original image was released in early July."
 (source: Examiner)  

Now, is where the plot thickens, as Autumn from the Oregon Bigfoot Blog wrote an article about the
Sierra National Forest Bigfoot photograph, debunking it as being nothing more than a shadow.
She does make some interesting points (
Autumn's blog) including this funny excerpt:

"Most blobsquatch photos are just that. Blobs of shadow and light in the forest. It doesn’t mean
that there aren’t Bigfoot creatures in that area. It doesn’t even mean that there wasn’t a Bigfoot
SOMEWHERE in the trees – hiding and hiding well – at that particular moment in time. It just isn’t
THERE in the photograph where the overly-eager assume it is based upon the shapes of the light
and shadow."

Is Sanger Paranormal Society's photograph of a Bigfoot in Sierra National Forest the real deal?  

We will allow you to decide...
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