Spokane Bigfoot Video
Bigfoot Video Captured by a Spokane Woman
Spokane Bigfoot Video
A Spokane woman
filmed what she calls
Bigfoot running through
the wilderness in the
background of her hiking
video. The Bigfoot video
was said to have been
recorded by iPhone at
Down River Park; then it
was posted on YouTube.
Apparently, she didn't want to talk to the media, but the Bigfoot video does appear to show
a Sasquatch near the Spokane River. It's inconclusive, really, for the dark, hairy being does
not reveal much detail. Man in a costume, or a real Bigfoot? You decide...

Below is a video (stabilized) of the Spokane Sasquatch running through the woods. We've
also included a larger still from the Bigfoot video for examination.
Spokane Bigfoot Picture
Rumor has it that students from the Spokane Community College might have been
responsible for faking this Bigfoot sighting. We do find it funny that the YouTube account
where this was posted only had one video uploaded to it - it was probably set-up quickly
for the hoax. Once the media grabbed it, the video went viral.
Here is the YouTube
"Samantha Bigfoot" page with the original Spokane Bigfoot video. Enjoy...you decide.
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