Sylvanic Bigfoot Videos
bigfoot video
Evidence of bigfoot as presented
in video by Todd Standing of

Todd has made the following
videos documenting his quest to
protect the Bigfoot as a species
and to reveal his research work.

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Sylvanic is a region of the Rocky mountains where Todd Standing of created quite a stir with his claims of new Bigfoot sightings,
information, research, tracking, etc.  He has appeared on Coast to Coast
radio and believes he has figured out how Bigfoot creatures remain
elusive, and how he can get close.  Todd attempted to tranquilize one,
but the area of Sylvanic (Native American name for the region) was
compromised by other Bigfoot hunters and media people. Todd refuses to
release any more evidence until he gains species protection through
petitioning Canadian and US governments.

The following videos are Mr. Standing's updates and evidence that he has
released pertaining to Bigfoot and his mission to date.  He believes
Bigfoot to be the descendent of the believed-to-be extinct giant ape,
Gigantopithecus.  Todd Standing
Todd Standing from explains to the
world his findings and pleads for
species protection.  Can he get it
done?  Will he reveal the truth to
the world?  We can't wait to see
what happens and wish him the
best on his quest!
Sylvanic Bigfoot Videos

Sylvanic Gigantopithecus
Todd explains the history of
the giant ape-like creature.

He believes Bigfoot and
Gigantopithecus to be the
same creature as the Yeti
and other similar animals
found in various cultures
around the world.
Sylvanic Evidence

Sylvanic Bigfoot Video
The first of two videos
where Todd filmed the
Bigfoot creature.

Sylvanic Video
Another Bigfoot video from
Todd explaining why he will
not release more info.

Sylvanic Petition
Todd Standing of Sylvanic
explains the process to
gain species protection.
Does have the evidence to
support Todd Standing's claims?  Many
believe so, as Todd visits various regions
across North America showing the evidence
at conferences.  Still others believe he is
playing a game, and cannot back up his word.

Is for real?  Todd claims to be
working with other countries, especially Asian
scientists who believe his information
matches their Yeti and Gigantopithecus fossil
and research findings.  You may visit for the latest updates from Todd.

Hey, when we think about it, nobody believed
our claims until
Our Bigfoot posted the
evidence we collected.  After all, you know
that big, woolly bugger is just dang hard to
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