Utah Bigfoot or Bear?

Utah Provo Canyon Bigfoot?
Was a Bear or Bigfoot Found in Utah? Watch the Video and Decide...

Recently, in 2012, hikers in Utah's Provo Canyon possibly filmed a Bigfoot...or some say
a bear. We take a look at the evidence.

Imagine that you and a buddy are out hiking and you see what you believe to be a black
bear in the distance. What do you do? If a safe enough distance away, you might try to
find your smart phone, camera or cam corder to try and snap a photo or video record the
experience. After all, how often do you see a black bear in the wild? And, it makes a
good story you can share over some beers. I digress... Well, in Provo Canyon, that is
pretty much what is said to have happened. Two guys watching what they believe to be a
bear, one of the fumbling to get his camera to function so a picture or video could be
taken. And then, the surprise....
Bigfoot Sightings
Utah Bigfoot - Not What Was Expected
While observing the "black bear," the two
men saw it stand up to look at them. It was
then, that they felt it was too big, too
"ginormous," to be a bear (even though
bears are big, for sure).

It's interesting to note that both men claim
to have not believed in Bigfoot or thought
there could be a possibility that the black
animal was a Woolly Bugger. After seeing
it stand up, they say they know, without a
doubt, that it
couldn't be a black bear.
To finish the story, both men fled like scared kittens after seeing the beast stand up. That
is why the video goes haywire at the end. Below is the original video version of the Utah
Bigfoot. Pretty impressive at first glance, but again, the animal is obscured by brush and
the video ends. Is there anyone who will stay and film a Bigfoot, get in its face or
something? Come on...
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