Washington State Bigfoot

Washington State Bigfoot
Popular Bigfoot Video Starts Internet Frenzy!
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Washington State Bigfoot
April 18th, 2012, a video was posted on YouTube that
claimed two brothers who were taking turns riding an
ATV in a forest in Washington State had captured
footage of a Bigfoot (or possible prankster) crossing
the dirt path. The ATV had a video camera mounted
either on the 4-wheeler or on the rider. The video of
the Bigfoot received so-so response from viewers.

Left: A screen capture of the Washington State
Bigfoot that later was claimed to be from Ohio. Huh?
A couple of months after the original
Washington State Bigfoot video posted,
someone took the video, zoomed in and
cropped it to create what they claim was
new Bigfoot footage from Grand River,
Ohio. This version of the same video
went viral quickly spreading and creating
an Internet frenzy. But when word spread,
it wasn't long before someone
remembered seeing the same video
elsewhere. Soon, the person who made
the newer, "Ohio" version had the video
pulled by YouTube due to copyright
Below: the original video.
Below: Zoomed and slowed analysis of the Washington State Bigfoot video:
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