Finding Proof of Bigfoot

Will Proof of Bigfoot Ever Be Found
Can Anyone Prove Sasquatch Exists?
bigfoot hair samples
Proof of Bigfoot? After many years of documented eyewitness
reports from all over the United States (and from
around the world for that matter), will anyone ever
prove that Bigfoot exists? This is a great
question – and there are many obstacles for
Bigfoot researchers to overcome. Let's take a
look at what stands in the way of proving that
Bigfoot is real.

No Smoking Gun
With all the purported evidence that has surfaced
over decades, e.g. videos, pictures, hair
samples, footprints, and audio recordings, none
of it actually proves, without a doubt, that a giant
ape-like man lives in remote areas of North
America and beyond. Indisputable proof has
never surfaced such as capture of a live Bigfoot,
a Bigfoot skeleton or woolly-bugger carcase.

Too Many Fakes
Talk about people going to every extreme to fake Bigfoot evidence, when ex-police
officers claimed to have a Bigfoot body in a freezer a few years back, many thought the
press conference that ensued would finally close the case on whether or not Bigfoot is
real. What they found were too men who went into hiding and a freezer that contained a
monkey suit. We would need a calculator to add up the amount of faux Bigfoot videos,
photos, sounds, footprints and body suits that have been created to hoax an old Native
American legend. And with all the fakes out there, some of them are good enough to
temporarily fool legitimate researchers. Once bitten, twice shy. This makes it even more
difficult for scientists to even want to consider looking at potential proof of Bigfoot,
assuming it were to surface some day.

A Great Wall Between Scientists and Bigfoot Hunters
Many within the scientific community will not accept proof because they have closed their
minds to the idea that the existence of Bigfoot could even be possible. And if a scientist
believed he had proof, going public with evidence of Bigfoot would likely bring
immediate ridicule from peers, potentially discrediting any of that scientist's previous or
future research and findings. And without research funding and support, the scientist who
claims to have Bigfoot proof will most likely be looking for a different career field.
Because of the amount of Bigfoot hoaxing
and lack of proof, North American society
as a whole has trouble believing that the
Sasquatch (Bigfoot) is real. And if the
common people struggle with it, how can
highly-educated scientific professionals
be willing to open up their minds in order
to consider the Bigfoot theory. If we take a
cross-section of people living in North
America, only 29% of people in the
United States believe that Bigfoot is real
with just 21% of Canadians sharing that
same belief. Most of those Sasquatch
fans are male, by the way. To be fair, more people in the U.S. (71%) have heard about
Bigfoot than people living in Canada (61%). If you are a Democrat, 33% of you are
more likely to believe in Bigfoot than Republicans (26%).

To sum it up, if Bigfoot researchers hope to ever find an open-minded scientist to help
prove Bigfoot is real, then collectively, we better quit hoaxing the woolly-bugger and try
to provide better evidence, if possible. (And it might help to ask a male scientist who
lives in the United States and votes Democrat if we want to increase the odds of
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